At the cabin, Caroline tells Thomas she and Ridge made the decision to keep the truth from him together. Thomas reminds Caroline she has a mind of her own – does she want to push him away from his firstborn son? Caroline explains that she agreed with Ridge; it what was best for their family and wasn’t malicious. Thomas muses that Ridge wanted a family and always gets what he wants. Thomas asks again, “What do you want?” Caroline tells him they could make an announcement, but it will be a huge scandal that will follow her and Douglas around for the rest of their lives. She stands by her decision. Thomas says, “You’re asking me to deny my son.” He doesn’t blame Caroline; he blames Ridge. Thomas asks if Caroline would have told him she was pregnant after that night if Ridge wasn’t in her life. Caroline can’t answer that, and can’t change the past. She feels Thomas keeping the secret is the only option. She worries Thomas will sue for custody and promises they will never keep him from his son. Thomas’ head is spinning and he tears up. Caroline presses him to do what’s best for Douglas and keep things the way they have been. Thomas extracts a promise that she and Ridge won’t push him out. “This isn’t going to be easy. I’m going to need a lot of help with this.” Caroline says he can lean on her. She hugs Thomas, who says, “We made a boy.” They admire Douglas together, and Thomas holds him.

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At Forrester Creations, Katie assures Ridge that Thomas wouldn’t hurt Douglas. Ridge grouses, “Why couldn’t you just keep out of it?” Katie wonders how Thomas knowing the truth will affect Caroline. She questions Ridge’s position – that this is what’s best for the family. Ridge hopes she’s right that everything will work out. Katie warns that Caroline and Thomas are parents together – she wonders what kind of impact that will have. In another office, Rick complains to Brooke about Ridge, who he assumes is up to something – he always has some secret dying to come out. He grumbles about Ridge being able to talk Eric into anything. “It’s not fair.” Rick feels it’s a disgrace that a Marone is running Forrester. He vows it won’t continue much longer. Brooke advises Rick to relax. “Why are you worried about Ridge so much?” Rick replies, “Because he’s stealing my birthright!” Rick continues to rant about Ridge taking the mansion, taking the portrait down, and controlling everything.

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