Nick comes in the front door of his house and Taylor sheepishly walks down the stairs to greet him. She asks if he took Brooke home, and he reports that Storm took her over to Ridge's to see the kids. Before he can say anything, Taylor tells him that the Judge awarding Ridge custody was completely unexpected. "What you said in that courtroom, dear, didn't help those kids," Nick says with more bitterness than you can imagine. Taylor explains that she does have legitimate concerns and that she was under oath to tell the court what Brooke told her. Nick asks why she couldn't finesse things a little? Taylor decides to turn the table and says, "I knew that I didn't need to finesse things because you're always going to be there for Brooke to catch her!" They argue back and forth and Nick makes the point that Brooke could have easily gotten the help that she needs while caring for her children. "She can walk and chew gum at the same time!" he says. Nick decides to head to the boat before they say things that they can't take back. Taylor asks if she should wait up for him and he dismisses her with, "If you get tired, go to sleep."

Phoebe and Rick are lying by the fire together making out. Through her kisses, Phoebe murmurs, "Wait, I guess I'm not ready for this." They pull apart from each other and talk. She says that she doesn't understand why she's not ready because she loves him. Rick asks if it's possible that she only loves him as a friend. Phoebe says that's not at all the case, but asks why can't two people be in love and not be together? Rick tells her that he's trying to understand, but when to people are in love, they make love. He affirms that he is committed to her. "Do you want to get married…do you want to get engaged?" He says that they can't grow, as a couple, if they can't connect in the deepest way possible. She tells him that she's sorry that she's made him wait so long, but she has to respect herself and what she's feeling right now. She hopes he doesn't give up on them, but she'll find a way to deal with it if he has to move on and find someone who can give him what he needs. "You have to do what you have to do," Rick says.

Storm has taken Brooke over to Ridge's place so that she can see the kids. She's lying in bed with Hope and stroking her hair. Downstairs, Stephanie asks Ridge what is taking so long upstairs. Ridge tells her that Brooke can take all the time that she needs. Stephanie goes off to make tea and Brooke comes downstairs. She asks Ridge how he could support this decision --"You of all people!" Ridge argues that it was the court's decision, certainly not his. Hope calls downstairs for some water, so Brooke tells him to go to her. Stephanie comes into the room with a pot of tea and tells Brooke to take this time to face her issues. Brooke asks what exactly Stephanie sees as her issues. Stephanie doesn't hesitate to say that Brooke is a narcissist in that she has always has to conquer men to find her self worth. Then she says that Brooke's sexual power is fading and Brooke didn't see it coming so that's why she's struggling now. Stephanie tells Brooke that she feels very justified in calling her behavior to the attention of the authorities because the children in question are her grandchildren. She goes on to say that the two of them have different priorities, Brooke's is men and hers are her family. Finally Brooke speaks. She points out that family includes a husband and Stephanie is a human icicle. Brooke says that she does want the warmth and compassion that comes from being close with a man and she's not ashamed of that. "You really hit the jackpot this time." Brooke explains that Stephanie has finally cut her out of her life completely and now she has a child to raise with her beloved Ridge.

Nick is on the Shady Marlin II stewing about what happened today. He sees one of his lighters and picks it up, remembering his pirate play with Hope and R.J. from a few days ago. He sits down to smoke a cigar and is totally surprised when Brooke shows up. She is surprised to see him there, but explains that this is the place where she likes to think. She tells him how innocently her kids were sleeping when she just saw them. She cries as she says that she doesn't remember the last time she was happy. She sobs and says that she's sad and empty and Nick takes her in his arms. He says that she's not alone through all of this. He tells her that her kids will be with their strong…courageous…beautiful mother before she knows it. As he says this, their mouths get so close that a kiss is only a fraction of an inch away. It's Brooke who breaks the spell and pulls away. Without words, Nick turns and leaves the boat.

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