Taylor has been backed into a corner, figuratively, in Brooke's custody hearing. The judge has asked her to divulge some of the things Brooke told her in confidence when they were speaking on a non-professional basis. Taylor struggles, and then says that Brook said she is a bad mother and that her kids would be better off with Ridge. When it's Storm's turn, he asks Taylor if the fact that Brooke is seeking counsel is a healthy sign. Of course, Taylor says. Next, it's Brooke's turn to speak. She calmly tells the court that she is perfectly capable of taking care of her children. But then it's Dot's turn (the woman from CPS). She paints a picture of Brooke who is so distracted with her own thoughts that she couldn't hear her children crying for help, the fire alarm or even smell smoke. At this point, Nick stands up and says that if anyone should be punished, it's him. "I was married to her…she's one of the best mothers I've ever seen!" The judge makes Nick sit down and then announces that they'll take a brief recess and then he'll make his ruling.

C.J. is front and center at Insomnia and about to announce the winner of the singing competition. He puts the microphone to Felicia's mouth so that she can voice her opinion, and she says, "I think we have two very different songs here." C.J. asks for a drum roll and then says, "The guy who sang the best duet with the lovely Miss Phoebe is…." He gets really close to Felicia so that they can announce it at the same time. Only she says, "Constantine!" and C.J. proclaims "Rick" the winner. The two of them laugh and C.J. says that they have a tie!

At the courthouse, the Forrester family waits in the hallway. Stephanie thanks Taylor for coming and Taylor grumpily says that if she hadn't been subpoenaed she wouldn't have! Eric says, "Gee, I wonder who made that happen." Ridge is concerned about what the outcome will be and Taylor says that she would be stunned if the judge didn't send the kids home with Brooke tonight. Then she walks ahead of them into the courtroom and asks Brooke if they can talk. "Haven't you said enough already?" Brooke spits.

The crowd gathers around Rick, Phoebe and Constantine at Insomnia. Some girls ask Constantine for autographs and Rick tells Phoebe to lose the rock star clothes, makeup and attitude because he has a surprise for her. They leave, and soon Constantine finds Felicia. He thanks her for voting for him in spite of the fact that she doesn't like him. Felicia corrects him by saying that she simply doesn't like him for an 18 year-old. Then, she playfully informs, "I know another Forrester who would like to make music with you." Constantine asks her what instrument she plays and Felicia moves in for a big, wet kiss.

The judge has returned to the courtroom. He says that there's no evidence to prove that Brooke is a person of bad morals, nor do the hot tub and accidental fire speak to her ability to mother her children. He says that his concern is whether she can provide care in the future as well as she has in the past. And, based on the testimony of Dr. Hayes Marone "I don't believe it's in the best interest of the children to remain in the custody of their mom…" until she can prove that she has mastered the skills required. Brooke stands to protest, but the judge tells her that she'll be given generous supervised visitation. He says that Ridge will take R.J., but since Hope's father cannot be found, foster care is always an option. Ridge jumps to his feet and says that Hope is like a daughter to him and the children shouldn't be separated, "I will gladly take Hope." Brooke says, "It's wrong." And the Judge simply says, "It's temporary…for the good of all of you."

Rick escorts Phoebe back to the romantic setting that he prepared for them at the beach house. She draws him into a kiss and says that they do have reason to celebrate. Before long, they are making out on the floor by the fireplace. Rick pulls himself away and suggests that they should have some dinner. Phoebe takes his face in her hands and says, "It's okay…I want to." Suddenly Rick isn't hungry anymore and they lie down together.

Everyone has left he courtroom but Brooke, Storm and Nick. She tells Nick that she's too upset to talk right now, so he leaves. He finds the rest of the family in the hallway and confronts Stephanie. He tells "Gramma" and says that he won't forget what she did today. As the Forresters walk away, Eric tells Nick, "Never speak to my wife that way again."

Taylor steps back in to the court room and apologies to Brooke. She says that she never expected the judge to rule this way. Brooke says that Taylor stabbed her in the back and Taylor says that she wishes Brooke had never come to her for help. "I wish I hadn't either. Thanks to you, I'll miss out on months and moths of Hope and R.J.'s childhood. Take your lame excuses and get the hell out of my sight!" As Taylor turns to leave, she tells Brooke that maybe she really does need this time alone. "I hope you make the most of it and get some help," Taylor says. Brooke yells after her that she hopes Taylor never has to get her children ripped from her. "I wouldn't wish that on my worst enemy!"

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