At the cabin, Liam frantically asks Wyatt to repeat the name he called him by. Wyatt tells him, “You are Liam!” Liam turns to Quinn. “Who are you really?” He starts pleading with Wyatt for more information as Quinn protests. Wyatt tells Liam, “We thought you were staying away on purpose.” Liam wonders from what…from who? Quinn wants Wyatt to talk to her – he owes her that. Wyatt, disgusted, yells that he owes her nothing. Quinn rages at her son through gritted teeth – does he want to lose everything? “Because everything is a lot!” They step outside. Liam hears voices in his head saying his name and tries to open the door, but it’s locked. Outside, Wyatt hollers reassurance to a banging and shouting Liam that he’s not going anywhere and chastises his mother for locking him in. Quinn hurriedly explains to Wyatt the great opportunity she had due to Liam’s concussion. “Nobody has to know!” Wyatt informs her the jig is up. Quinn protests – she won’t give up what she’s found with Liam for anyone…not even for him. Wyatt, stunned, realizes she’s saying she’s in love with his brother. He declares that she is absolutely crazy and he doesn’t want to hear anymore. Wyatt informs her he’s calling the police and tells her to let Liam go. Quinn protests and implores Wyatt to forget what he saw and go back to the life he so desperately wanted. Wyatt realizes she sent the texts from Liam’s phone and tells her it’s over. Quinn taunts that he will lose everything. Wyatt doesn’t want any of it this way. Quinn talks a mile-a-minute trying to convince Wyatt to leave her with her newfound love – she offers to walk away so Wyatt will never have to see her again. Inside, Liam hears Bill’s voice and recalls Steffy saying ‘Cha cha cha’. He then remembers embracing Wyatt, Quinn threatening him with a sword, and marrying Steffy on the mountain. He shreds the doctored photo albums savagely and screams, “Liar!” Suddenly he stops. “Steffy.”

At Spencer Publications, Justin insists to Bill that there’s no trace of Liam. Bill laments being so concerned about his hurt feelings; he never considered Liam could be in trouble. He worries someone else could have been using Liam’s phone and decides they need to call in favors with law enforcement and ping it. Later, they learn the LAPD was unable to locate Liam’s phone. Bill is grim. Justin assures him Liam’s not dead. Bill calls Steffy, who says Wyatt went to see Quinn. Bill asks Steffy to meet him at Liam’s house – it’s important.

EMMY AWARDS REELS! Linsey Godfrey’s Outstanding Supporting Actress reel

At the Malibu house, Steffy remembers Liam proposing. Bill enters the room and startles her. He admits he’s scared. She says he’s never scared. Bill asks her to look around – is anything missing? He wants her to go over the house with a fine-tooth comb for something that is missing or something that is there that shouldn’t be. He asks her to humor him. She notices the piled up mail. Bill notes they turned off his utilities for non-payment; it’s not like him. As Bill grills her, Steffy gets frustrated – how many times will she have to say Liam stopped caring for her? Bill doesn’t think he did – he believes Liam has gone missing.

Throwback Thursday! Remember when Amber confronted Deacon’s father, Daryl Sharpe?

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