As the custody hearing is getting underway, Brooke won't be hushed. As she starts to tell the judge about how this whole thing is about Stephanie's vendetta against her, she says that she's a thousand times better mother than Stephanie Forrester will ever be. The judge tells her to calm herself and then take the stand if she wishes to speak. Then, he gives her the chance to explain how it came to be that the children were left home alone. After she does so, she's allowed to explain how Nick's lighter was left behind for the children to play with. Next, the judge wants to hear what Ridge has to say. On the stand, Ridge says that he doesn't want to see Brooke's children taken away from her. He admits, however, that if he hadn't arrived at the house when he did, he doesn't want to think what would've happened during the fire. Then, he speaks directly to Brooke and asks her to take this time to get herself together. When Storm addresses Ridge, he deftly brings up the fact that Ridge was recently arrested for the death of Shane McGrath. On Ridge's way back to his seat, Brooke quietly tells him that his mother is using the kids to get her out of his life. She's upset that he can't see that.

The crowd is gathering at Insomnia for the big sing-off. Constantine tells Rick that he's going to squash him on his own home turf - the place where he and Phoebe first sang together. C.J. gets the competition started by introducing Rick and Phoebe. The crowd warmly welcomes them and they dig right in to their love song. The ballad's chorus is "I want to spend my lifetime loving you…" Rick and Phoebe sing it beautifully and it sounds as if it could be part of a musical theater score. After they finish, Rick kisses her and Felicia whispers to the people at her table, "That will be hard to beat." After a quick costume change, Phoebe takes the stage with Constant. "Everybody loves, everybody cries, everybody dreams of a perfect life, but that's alright. Na, na, na, na…." Their song has a lot of energy and Phoebe seems to have come alive while performing. When they finish, she and Constantine hug and he plants a kiss on her forehead.

Back at the courthouse, Stephanie is on the stand. She addresses the so-called vendetta that Brooke spoke of by saying that it has nothing to do with what is going on in Brooke's household that lead to two 911 calls. Stephanie is quick to point out that Eric is the father of Brooke's two oldest children, Ridge is the father to her youngest and another man fathered the forth child. Stephanie says that Brooke had a nervous breakdown in the past and she thinks that she is on the verge of another one. Storm asks the judge to strike her testimony from the record given her biased against Brooke, and the judge says that he'll consider it.

The crowd is cheering at Insomnia and C.J. asks Rick to join them on the stage. Then, he asks the crowd help declare the winner with a show of hands. Both groups receive a healthy dose of cheers and applause and Felicia says, "I'd say we have a winner."

As the court proceeding is winding down, Taylor arrives. Brooke is relieved to see her and tells Storm that Taylor will come through for her. On her way to the stand, Brooke quietly thanks her, in advance, and Taylor gives her a nervous little smile. Taylor starts by telling the judge that she has serious reservations given her long history with the entire Forrester family. Taylor corrects the judge by saying that she didn't see Brooke professionally, ever, in fact. Dot from CPS is excited because that means their conversations won't be privileged information. Taylor, again, says that she really doesn't see why her opinion matters. The judge sees it differently. He urges her to say what her recent conversation with Brooke was about. Before she speaks, Taylor recalls the things that Brooke told her that day, and then dances around giving direct answers. The judge comes out and asks if Brooke mentioned her children and Taylor tries her hardest to protect Brooke by saying that parents learn from their mistakes. The judge asks Taylor if she would trust Ms. Logan to take care of her baby. Taylor flashes to when Brooke admitted that she's not a good mother right now and then stammers, "Uh…no I wouldn't." Stephanie's jaw drops.

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