At the beach, Wyatt watches Steffy walk down the sand with Ridge toward him. She arrives at the altar and Reverend Rydell commences the ceremony. He talks about the joining of their love and of two proud strong families. Eric speaks about his heart soaring with happiness for his grandchild and reads a bible passage. Bill gets up next – he says Wyatt is marrying a strong woman and is a good man. He is honored to have Steffy as a member of the Spencer family. Next, it’s Ridge’s turn. He compliments Wyatt and hugs his beautiful, fearless daughter. Finally, Quinn gets a chance to speak. Bill rolls his eyes as she gushes to Wyatt that there is nothing she wouldn’t do for him; it’s all been worth it. She is excited for this new adventure for them all and congratulates both Wyatt and Steffy. Reverend Rydell takes Wyatt and Steffy through their vows. Before the exchange of rings, Wyatt takes a moment to acknowledge his mother, who knew Steffy was the one for him. He speaks from the heart to Steffy about always being honest and putting her first. Steffy talks about the memories they’ve made on the beach and says he’s constant and solid. They are pronounced husband and wife, and kiss. Quinn rushes up to embrace them, and then the others gather for congratulations.

Rumor alert! Bold and Beautiful rumors: One annulment and a custody case?

At the cabin, Liam works on a composite of the woman’s face he is seeing in his memory on his laptop. It looks somewhat like Steffy. “I know you. Who are you?” He flashes to Quinn; he knows she’s keeping something from him. “Are you keeping me from her?” He paces with the photo album and feels cooped up and crazy. “I have to find you.” Liam recalls when he first woke up and spoke to Quinn, to when she told him they were married, and to how she reacted when he said he loved her. Liam returns to the picture on the laptop. “I don’t even know who you are, but I feel like I’m losing you.” He realizes the woman in his picture means something to him and feels distressed. “Why can’t I remember?” He agonizes over not being able to remember who or where the woman in the photo is.

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