On the beach, Wyatt admires the set up for the wedding. He heads into the house, where Katie and Bill greet him. Katie wonders what’s keeping Quinn. Bill warns Wyatt to watch his back with Ridge. Ridge arrives with Thomas, Caroline, and Eric. Wyatt tells everyone that Quinn is bringing the new man in her life to the wedding. “Adam.” In the bedroom, Steffy looks into a mirror and flashes to Wyatt proposing. Caroline enters and enthuses about what a great wife Steffy will be for her cousin. Caroline admires Steffy and thinks she and Wyatt are perfect together. Steffy thanks her. In the other room, the men share a toast and Katie steps away. Bill checks on her. Wyatt assures Thomas he loves his sister.

At the cabin, Quinn takes the photo album from Liam and tells him they need to start packing. He doesn’t understand her rush to leave. “I don’t get it, Eve.” Quinn gets dressed up and tells Liam she has something she needs to do. He wants to go with her, but she insists he stay and pack. Once alone, Liam eyeballs the wedding album and can’t resist going back to it. His memory twigs and he sees more of Steffy’s face under the veil. He gets on the laptop and starts composing a photo of the face he’s seeing in his mind.

Throwback Thursday! When Kimberly shoved Brooke through a window.

Quinn arrives at the beach house and gushes to Wyatt about how happy she is for him. Ridge joins Steffy in the bedroom to tell her how proud he is. She tears up and thanks him. Steffy talks about her mother being there in spirit and says she is proud of Ridge, who has always been her biggest champion. Caroline enters and sends Ridge out so she can help her get ready. In the living room, Wyatt tells everyone that he and Steffy will stay home for their honeymoon. Reverend Rydell arrives. Quinn joins Caroline and Steffy to update them. She asks for a minute with Steffy alone. Steffy thanks Quinn for her restraint with regard to Wyatt’s love life this time around; she’s been obsessive before. Quinn counsels Steffy to look forward, not to the past; she’s thrilled for them. When Quinn rejoins Wyatt, they discuss Liam. Quinn repeats her version of what happened in the parking lot and urges her son not to give Liam another thought. Meanwhile, Ridge rejoins Steffy. He’s not up for giving her a speech about marriage. She knows what she has in Wyatt. On the beach, Bill admires Wyatt’s set up – he’s impressed. Everyone is seated and Steffy begins making her way down the steps and onto the sand.

New casting! Bold and Beautiful is searching to fill two new roles.

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