At the beach house, Steffy and Wyatt need a maid of honor and a best man. Wyatt proposes that the first to accomplish the goal will get a shirtless selfie from the other.

At the cabin, Liam questions Quinn about the minister who married them and the documentation. He asks if someone else was at their wedding – does she have a sister? Quinn asks if he remembered something. He did. Quinn tries to find out if he remembered a man or a woman. Liam notes that she seems reluctant to help him. He reminds her she has to meet the real estate agent. Quinn asks where he put the photo albums, but he pretends to forget. Once alone, he pulls them out. When Quinn returns, there is tension. Quinn notices he has the photo albums and seems to be getting better at finding things he’s looking for. After, Liam has more snippets of memory of his wedding.

Where are they now? B&B alum: Andrea Evans takes the stage, and Peter Brown passes away.

Caroline arrives at Forrester Creations with the baby and asks if someone ordered a bundle of joy. Ridge and Thomas answer simultaneously. Steffy arrives. She admires the baby, and blurts that she’s getting married tomorrow. Steffy asks Caroline to be her maid of honor. Caroline agrees, as long as she doesn’t use the words ‘matron’ or ‘stepmother’. They squeal and hug.

At Spencer Publications, Brooke visits Bill to confer about Katie’s behavior. Bill wonders if Brooke believes Katie has stopped drinking. Brooke says they don’t have the power to know what she’s doing when she’s alone, but they can offer support. Later, Wyatt arrives and tells Bill he needs a best man. Bill suggests he ask his brother. Bill will stand up for him if Liam won’t. Wyatt gets a text, groans, and undresses to take a shirtless selfie. He tells Bill about the bet he lost to Steffy. Bill agrees to be his best man. They embrace.

At Forrester Creations, Steffy laughs at Wyatt’s shirtless selfie. Ridge asks Steffy about the guest list. “Is Liam on it?” Steffy says he wouldn’t be interested. Thomas suggests she wait. Wyatt arrives. Ridge confronts him. “Why the hurry?” It seems like the same way he operated with Hope. Wyatt defends himself.

In the kitchen at home, Katie flashes to the events of the previous night and drinks from her hidden stash of vodka. Brooke arrives, and Katie hides the vodka. They chat about Rick, Maya, and Nicole briefly before Katie apologizes for the night before. Brooke wants them to be honest with each other. “Are you still drinking, Katie?” Katie lies. “No. I quit.” When Katie steps out, Brooke finds the vodka hidden behind the sugar canister. Katie returns and plays dumb. Brooke tells Katie that Bill wants to be there for her. Bill calls about Wyatt’s wedding, and asks how things are at home. Katie says fine. After, Brooke wants Katie to tell Bill the truth. Katie argues as she glances at another vodka bottle in her tea towel drawer. She pleads with Brooke not to tell Bill – she feels so lonely when he doesn’t trust her.

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