At the beach house, Steffy and Wyatt enthuse about getting married and kiss. Talk turns to Quinn and her new boyfriend. Wyatt hopes it holds – she deserves something good in her life. Steffy suggests they drive to see her. Wyatt will just call her.

At the cabin, Quinn tries to get Liam to stop pushing for the return of his memory, but he can’t; he has to find out who he is. Suddenly he decides Quinn should take him to the place they got married. Quinn nixes the idea. She says they won’t have time for a detour – she took a leave of absence and they’re going away. Liam is a bit deflated. When he leaves the room, Quinn takes a call from Wyatt that he and Steffy are getting married the day after tomorrow. He wants her to be there and bring her guy. Quinn isn’t sure she’s ready for that, but is thrilled for them. Liam returns with wine and frustrates Quinn by poring over the wedding album again. She wants to leave the day after tomorrow. There is something important she has to do first – he can stay there and pack. Liam questions her always leaving him there. Quinn assures him things will be different on the road. She takes her wine and goes to shower. Liam gets a strange look. While looking at the album he gets another snippet of memory – this time Steffy is lifting her veil…

At the beach house, Wyatt and Steffy wonder what Quinn’s guy is like.

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At home, Katie hollers to Bill that she’ll be right up and then sneaks another drink in the kitchen. When she joins him in the bedroom, Bill notes that she seems okay. They chat about what happened earlier. Katie wants him to be patient and supportive. Bill can do that. They kiss. Katie puts on sexy lingerie and rejoins him for more kissing. When she starts laughing uncontrollably, Bill grills her about whether she has been drinking. Katie lies that she hasn’t had a drop. Bill notes that she turned on a dime earlier with Brooke. Katie blames her medication, and asks him to ride out the occasional relapse. Bill agrees. They resume kissing passionately. After making love, Bill tells Katie to hold onto the confidence in their bond – she has no reason to doubt him. Katie assures him she won’t turn into a crazy lush.

At Forrester Creations, Rick asks Brooke about her dinner at Katie and Bill’s. She says it was a disaster; her sister may be in trouble and she doesn’t know how to help her. Brooke tells Rick about Katie going berserk and accusing her and Bill of flirting. Rick asks if she’d been drinking. Brooke doesn’t know what to believe; she was very irrational. She opines that if Bill isn’t patient, and if he feels he’s not helping, he will shut down. “She needs to break this vicious cycle or she will lose Bill.”

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Katie wants Brooke to keep a secret from Bill.

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