On the beach, Wyatt asks Steffy to get married right away. She agrees and hops into his arms. They return to the beach house. Wyatt will take care of everything; they’ll do it the day after tomorrow. He gathers her into an enthusiastic embrace, but her facial expression looks conflicted over his shoulder. After, they decide to invite Eric and Thomas – they’ll visit her mother later on – and Ridge and Caroline. Wyatt will invite Bill and Katie and his mother – he’d invite his brother if he were in town. Steffy says he left – no one even saw him. Wyatt says, “Steffy…” She interrupts that she wants to be with Wyatt. He assures her nothing and no one will take this away from them.

At the cabin, Liam gets snippets of memory of Steffy walking toward him in her wedding dress and combat boots. His eyes widen in surprise. When Quinn returns, he is looking at the wedding photos. She says he’s already seen them. He says, “Not like I’m seeing them today.” Liam tells her his memory is finally coming back. He enthuses that he could see her walking toward him, though her face wasn’t clear. Quinn stammers in the face of his excitement. He can’t wait to remember what she means to him. They hug. Quinn looks grim. Liam goes on about how much he wants this. He says the woman in the wedding photos puts the smile on his face. Quinn whispers that she doesn’t want to lose him. He returns to the photo album and smiles at the fuzzy memory snippets. Quinn looks on with dread.

Awards: 43rd Daytime Emmy Nominations

In Katie and Bill’s kitchen, Katie tells Bill and Brooke, who has been invited for dinner, that she has been seeing her therapist, plans to stop drinking, and is ready to move on. Brooke is happy to hear that, and is sure Bill is too. Katie still needs a little reassurance from them. Bill assures her he’ll be faithful, and Brooke says she’ll always be there for her. Katie goes to get dinner, and Bill and Brooke exchange a look. As they eat, Bill makes a joke and Brooke laughs. Brooke asks to see pictures of Caroline’s baby and Katie’s imagination starts seeing them flirting and playing footsies. She screams at them to stop it. “You’re flirting with each other! Right in front of me!” They both protest. Katie sneers at Brooke to be honest. “You want him.” Brooke decides to leave. Bill confronts Katie, who turns apologetic. Bill insists nothing was going on. Katie just feels so insecure because of her sister. Bill doesn’t know what more they can do to reassure her. Katie asks him not to give up on her – she’s trying to work through it. Bill pledges his support. He goes to check on Will, and Katie pulls out a hidden stash of alcohol and drinks.

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