At the outdoor restaurant, the doctor tells Ridge he can say what he likes to the press, but he knows the baby’s not his. He suggests Ridge ask for a paternity test. Ridge insists he got a second opinion and his vasectomy was reversed. He orders the doctor to keep his mouth shut.

At the Forrester mansion, Thomas joins Caroline and Douglas. They discuss Ridge. Thomas compliments his parenting as he recalls all the positive things. Thomas is glad Caroline had the baby. Ridge arrives and sends Thomas to work on sketches. Caroline asks Ridge what’s wrong. Ridge holds the baby and muses that seeing her with Thomas makes him feel protective. Caroline assures him no one will ever know.

Exclusive! Interview with Darin Brooks and Kelly Kruger

At the cabin, Quinn tells Liam she wants to move; she’ll take a leave of absence from her job. Liam points out they just moved here. Quinn suggests they go traveling and see where the road takes them. Once alone, Liam puzzles over not remembering his own wedding. His brain starts getting fuzzy flashbacks as he looks at a photo of Quinn as a bride.

At Forrester Creations, Steffy tells Wyatt she hopes Quinn can step it up now that he’s at Spencer. Wyatt warns if she has to fire her, she should do it after the wedding. Steffy has somewhere to be and exits. Elsewhere, Charlie watches the footage of Quinn and Liam in the parking lot. He’s stunned, and goes to find Wyatt. Charlie says he needs to show him something – footage of his mom and Liam. Wyatt joins him and peers at the surveillance video. He finds it odd, and admits his mother didn’t tell him about this. “But she’s going to.” In another office, Quinn asks Eric for a leave of absence. She’s leaving L.A. and doesn’t know when she’ll be back. Eric wonders about the man in her life – is it Deacon again? Quinn muses that Deacon’s gone; she won’t be seeing him again. Quinn starts packing up her things and is joined by Wyatt. He confronts her about being the last one to see Liam. “Where’s Liam?” He explains there is footage from the day Liam disappeared. Quinn protests that she didn’t push him. Wyatt recalls that it was the day Liam didn’t show up to meet Steffy. “What did you do to Liam?” Quinn lies that she was driving Liam to the hospital when he came to – he didn’t want to go to the hospital, he just wanted to get to his yoga retreat. Wyatt worries he could be in a bad way somewhere. Quinn presses Wyatt to focus on his wedding. “You’ve got to marry the girl!” Wyatt returns to Charlie and assures him Liam’s fine. He asks him to keep quiet about it – Quinn just tried to help the guy.

At the beach house, Steffy looks pensive. She texts Wyatt that she’s going for a walk on the beach and then flashes to both Wyatt and Liam. Soon, Wyatt finds her on the sand and pushes to marry her there, as soon as possible.

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