At the Forrester mansion, Ridge reassures Caroline about leaving the baby with their caregiver, Patty. He’s looking forward to their date. At Zende’s room, Sasha comes to the door. He’s not in a good mood. She wonders if he told Nicole about them. Zende isn’t up for talking. Sasha didn’t come there for that anyway. She begins seducing him. Zende watches her undress and they have sex. After, they joke and talk about family. Zende remarks that Nicole’s father can be a piece of work. Sasha doesn’t comment on Julius, but says it feels so good to be held. She asks again about Nicole. Zende says he told her everything. Sasha is floored that he refers to them having ‘made love’.

At the outdoor restaurant, Ridge and Caroline enjoy wine and a meal. Caroline admits she’s missing the baby. She finally has the family she always wanted. Ridge promises to make them happy. Across the way, a bespectacled man stares at Ridge, who feels he looks familiar, but he can’t place him. Caroline leaves, and the unidentified man joins Ridge – he mentions the baby news. He’s the doctor who diagnosed Ridge and refused to reverse his vasectomy. He tells Ridge he had a sperm count of zero – there’s no way that baby is his. It’s impossible.

Throwback Thursday! Remember when Massimo was attacked by Nick?

At Forrester Creations, Rick and Maya are going through Ridge’s files trying to unearth something to hold over him. Thomas enters and asks what they’re doing. Rick admits he’s trying to prove Ridge can’t be trusted. Rick goes to find Charlie and asks him to look up video footage from the parking lot. He rejoins Maya and Thomas, who are discussing babies. Thomas assures Rick that his dad isn’t hiding anything. In another office, Julius looks on as Vivienne comforts Nicole over losing Zende to Sasha. Nicole complains about Sasha coming to L.A. and stabbing her in the back by taking her boyfriend away. Julius irks Nicole and Vivienne by telling his daughter she knew this was a possibility when she agreed to carry Maya and Rick’s baby. He will be staying out of it. Vivienne reassures Nicole, who can’t understand how Sasha and Zende could do this to her. Julius advises her to move on. Nicole can’t believe he’s siding with Sasha – he doesn’t even like her. Once alone, Nicole flashes to good times with Zende. In his office, Charlie is stunned to see footage of Liam arguing with Quinn and falling unconscious to the pavement beside his car. In Ridge’s office, Rick vows to Maya they’ll bring Ridge down.

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