At the Forrester mansion, Ridge and Caroline welcome Jarrett, whom they’ve chosen to introduce Douglas to the world. They pose for photos holding the baby. Jarrett comments on Maya’s portrait being replaced by Stephanie’s. He muses that Rick had his time on the throne and it’s over. Once Jarrett is gone, Ridge enthuses to Caroline about them making all the right choices. They embrace and she looks uncertain. Ridge questions her ‘look’. Caroline can’t help but think about Thomas. Ridge doesn’t want to discuss it anymore – if it came out it would destroy their family. Ridge had to come to terms with what Thomas did to Caroline and remarks on Douglas having the father he deserves.

At Forrester Creations, Maya tells Rick and Sasha she hopes Zende and Nicole will reconcile. Sasha thinks it’s too late for that. Sasha leaves and Rick reassures Maya that she could be wrong. Talk turns to Ridge being CEO – Rick feels it’s wrong too. He reminisces about them taking the company to new heights previously, and now look at them. He complains that Ridge set him up to take over the mansion. Maya doesn’t see how Ridge keeps persuading Eric to his side. Rick declares that Ridge has to be stopped. He will take back the business and the family home, but they’ll need leverage. He’s certain Ridge has secrets. In the studio, Zende’s comment that he wasn’t the right guy for her makes Nicole suspicious. “Are you seeing someone? Who?” Eventually he admits it’s Sasha. He didn’t want this – he wanted her – but the pregnancy got in the way. He was honest from the beginning and can’t understand why Rick and Maya’s happiness was more important to her than theirs. Nicole gets emotional. Zende hasn’t stopped caring about her. Nicole cries that she and Sasha were like sisters and he knew how much she feared this, and how much it would hurt her. She sobs. In an office upstairs, Julius finds Sasha, and learns she is seeing Zende. Julius grimaces. “You?” She snarks at him not to look so disappointed – at least he’s still seeing one of his daughters. Julius remarks that she just couldn’t wait to get her hooks into him – he presumes it’s payback for Nicole going to Rick about her. Sasha says she’s not going anywhere. She knows Nicole will be hurt, but it’s nothing compared to the pain she’s lived with her whole life. She confronts Julius about making her feel she didn’t matter and goes on about how Vivienne would drop him if she knew the truth. Julius challenges her – if she’s going to keep threatening to reveal the secret, to just do it. He busted his butt to take care of her. She only wanted his love. Julius barks at her to stop being so dramatic. Sasha thinks she’s like Julius – they do what they have to, to survive. Julius won’t have this conversation again. He tells Sasha she will keep this secret. Talk turns to Zende. Sasha says Nicole brought this on herself. Julius grouches about Maya putting Nicole in that position. He surprises Sasha by saying he’ll stay out of it. Sasha throws her arms around him, but he doesn’t hug her back. Sasha hollers that Zende cares about her and she’s not letting him go no matter what.

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