At the Forrester mansion, Ridge admires Douglas and tells Caroline their future starts today. He leaves for work and Thomas appears. He zeroes in on the baby and asks if he can hold him. Caroline instructs him how and he takes Douglas.

At Forrester Creation, Maya shows Rick baby clothes she has bought. They are almost there. Rick whines that no one cares now that Ridge has had another child. Talk turns to Nicole and Zende. Maya wishes Zende would get over his aversion to the pregnancy and go back with Nicole. In the studio, Sasha wonders if they’ll talk about what happened, and Zende acknowledges they had sex and will see where it goes. She agrees to keep it to herself. He leaves, and Nicole appears. She knows what Sasha is hiding – her anger about what she did to her. Sasha tells Nicole she doesn’t have to be perfect; she loves her anyway. They hug. Nicole admits she misses Zende and opens up to Sasha about her feelings regarding him. Sasha says she’s so sorry. Meanwhile, Zende finds Maya while looking for Nicole. Maya confronts him about dumping her sister. She’s disappointed. “Nicole thought you supported her.” Zende says he was straight about how he felt the entire time. He couldn’t handle his girl carrying his uncle’s baby, but he still cares about her. Maya says Nicole’s hurt. In Ridge’s office, Eric and Pam join him to talk about Stephanie. Ridge tells them they named the baby Douglas. Pam says it’s perfect, and Eric thinks Stephanie would be proud. It’s fitting that Ridge’s son should carry her name since he was more important to her than anyone else. Rick arrives and is brought into the loop. He chuckles that the name goes perfect with the portrait over the fireplace. Eric notes it will soon be time for Rick’s baby. Rick talks about new Forresters and Caroline having a child with the man she loves. They have a toast and Ridge announces he’s heading home. In the studio, Zende interrupts Sasha and Nicole. He tells Nicole they need to talk. Sasha leaves. Zende knows he hurt Nicole – that’s why she’s avoiding him. They rehash what he can’t handle. She wonders if he even really tried; it’s hard for her too, and she thought he understood. In an office, Sasha tells Rick and Maya she needs a spot to hang out. Maya mentions her conversation with Zende earlier.

At the Forrester mansion, Thomas holds the baby and tells Caroline he’s a game-changer. She leans in close. Ridge opens the door and takes in the scene. Thomas hands over the baby to Ridge, and thanks them for letting him spend some time with him. Once alone, Caroline admits to Ridge that she is freaking out a bit. Ridge says she can’t do that. Caroline feels bad. Ridge reminds her if she tells him they’ll lose everything. No one can ever know. “This is our boy.”

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