At the Forrester mansion, Ridge and Caroline hold the baby and talk about Stephanie as they look up at her portrait. Ridge suggests that they name the baby Douglas, her maiden name, in her honor. Caroline agrees. Talk turns to business, and Ridge expresses not wanting to give Rick the opportunity to take over in his absence. Caroline fills out the birth certificate form, adds the baby’s name then it’s time for daddy to sign. Just then, Thomas appears. Ridge wonders why he’s not at work but Thomas has a gift for the baby, a shirt that reads ‘Like Father, Like Son’. They thank Thomas and share the baby’s name, Douglas – after Stephanie. Thomas thinks it’s perfect and welcomes his ‘bro’ to the family, as Ridge looks on. Thomas then watches as Ridge signs the birth certificate form as Douglas’ father. Ridge asks him to watch Rick at work, and Thomas goes. Caroline and Ridge agree that Thomas can never know the truth…no one can know.

At the cliff, Liam returns with Quinn’s inhaler after Deacon goes over the edge.

Back at the cabin, Liam worries about Quinn’s asthma attack, and she thinks back to pushing Deacon over the edge of the cliff. Liam can tell something’s wrong and questions her. After she admits her fears of losing him, Liam promises to always be there for her.  Quinn tells Liam he has made her such a better person. She doesn’t want to lose him, ever; she loves him too much. She wonders if they should go someplace else, and talks about leaving as soon as possible to start over. “What about Alaska?” She mutters about risk and Liam is bewildered by her behavior. Quinn wants to change everything about her life, except him. She worries about forces out there that could take him away. He questions her freaking out and reassures her. “You’re stuck with me, forever.”

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– Candace Young