At Forrester Creations, Thomas is surprised to hear Steffy left a message for Liam. Steffy is worried about him and suddenly gets an idea where he might be. Steffy phones Hope in Italy and asks her to put Liam on the phone. Hope tells Steffy that Liam’s not with her, and asks about her engagement to Wyatt. Steffy explains the situation and says she’s worried; this isn’t like Liam. Hope hasn’t heard from him, and she can tell Steffy still loves him. Steffy thanks her for her help and hangs up. “Where are you, Liam?”

At Spencer Publications, Bill tells Wyatt he’s much better off there than being around Quinn’s craziness. They discuss Steffy. Bill opines that Liam didn’t appreciate her. Wyatt assures Bill that his relationship with Steffy is not at all like the one with Hope. Bill disagrees – it’s a pattern. Wyatt protests. Quinn tricked him and Hope into getting married, but he and Steffy are together because they want to be, not because Quinn manipulated the situation.

At the cabin, Quinn and Liam prepare for their hike. Liam heads outside and Quinn calls Deacon, who is already by the cliff. He tries to convince her to change her mind and drop Liam at Bill’s office, but she has no intention of putting Liam back in Steffy’s orbit. Quinn joins an enthusiastic Liam outside. They hike until Liam thinks he spots the end of the trail and the ocean. Quinn confirms, “The end is near.” By the cliff, Deacon hides and waits. Meanwhile, Liam has the feeling someone needs him and turns his face up to the sun.

At the outdoor restaurant, Steffy turns her face up to the sun. Wyatt joins her. She updates him on Ivy and Hope not having heard from Liam. Wyatt thinks Liam is trying to find himself. Wyatt gets called back to Spencer, but first reminds Steffy how Liam was acting before he left. Steffy wonders if Liam will ever come back.

On the cliff, Quinn’s asthma kicks in as Liam approaches the edge. Deacon watches. Quinn urges Liam to get closer, and places her hand on his back. Quinn’s asthma gets worse and Liam runs back to the car for her inhaler. Deacon approaches Quinn and questions her. She pushes him off the cliff. He lands in the ocean. Quinn flashes to him telling her she can’t keep Liam forever. “Yes I can.”

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