Ridge, Hope and R.J. are eating breakfast at the dining room table. Hope asks how long she needs to stay here and Ridge says that it might take a little while to clean up mommy's house after the fire. Hope asks if mommy is staying here too? Ridge deflects the question by saying that Rick and Bridget are going to play hooky today and come play with them.

At her house, Brooke is dressed for the custody hearing. Storm arrives and asks if she's ready and Brooke declares that she wants to get it over with and bring her children home. He tells her to stay focused and calm - no tears or outbursts. Brooke says that she needs to defend herself but he reminds her that is his job. He coaches her to give short answers only, otherwise she could look paranoid. His strategy isn't to shift blame or point fingers; he's simply going to point out that she is an amazing mother. He goes ahead of her to the courtroom and passes Rick and Bridget on his way out the door. Bridget rushes into her mother's arms and Rick looks on sympathetically. He tells her that Ridge let her down, like always. They are supposed to go over to Ridge's and play with Hope and R.J. today, but Rick wonders if they are needed in the courtroom. Brooke wants them to be there for the babies. Brooke kisses them for luck and then leaves. After she's gone, Rick says, "She's going to need it."

Stephanie calls Taylor to see if she's prepared to do what she has to do. After Taylor hangs up, Nick tells Taylor that she needs to tell the judge that Brooke isn't out of control. Taylor says that Brooke isn't perfect, but then again, no one is. Brooke stops by on her way to the courthouse. She admits that she's nervous. Nick says, "With Stephanie involved, there's no such thing as too nervous." He tells Brooke that Taylor is having second thoughts about being involved. Brooke begs her to help her go up against Stephanie and CPS. Taylor stands up to get a glass of water. As she pours, she assures Brooke that Nick will be there for her and that he'll explain the hot tub incident and everything else. Brooke quietly reminds Taylor that she's not a threat to her marriage. She takes a good look at Taylor and notices that she's starting to show! She says that she feels selfish trying to get their help when they have so much going on in their own life. Nick tells Brooke to go ahead and he'll be right behind her. Then, he kisses Taylor on the cheek and tells her that if she changes her mind, he'll be at the hearing.

At Ridge's house, Bridget and Rick are playing with Hope and R.J. Phoebe calls from Insomnia and asks how things are going. He tells her that he really feels like he should stay with the kids, but he doesn't want to forfeit the signing contest. Phoebe says that she'll talk to Constantine. After he hangs up, Bridget asks him what he thinks is going on in the hearing. Rick says that he just hopes that Taylor shows up and counteracts everything that Stephanie says.

Taylor is gazing out the window, deep in though. Someone comes in her office and asks if she's Dr. Taylor Hayes Marone. She tells him that she is and she is promptly served a subpoena.

Everyone's starting to arrive in the courtroom. Storm asks Dot if she'll be able to hear over the sound of Stephanie whispering in her ear. Dot declares that she is not judging this trial. Eric, Stephanie and Eric arrive, followed by Brooke and Nick. The two groups exchange barbs and Eric says that it's a very difficult situation. Judge Freidman is announced and the hearing begins. First Dot takes the stand and says that the mere fact that two 911 calls in one day is enough reason for concern. Brooke calmly stands up, against Storm's warnings, and asks His Honor to dismiss the idea that she's an unfit mother. She says that her grown children would have come today, but she didn't think it was necessary. Her tone gradually changes from rational to that of a caged animal as she switches the topic to Stephanie and the way she raised her own children and how out OUT OF CONTROL SHE IS….the Judge tells Storm to calm his client down. "Don’t let her take my children!" Brooke begs.