At the cabin, Liam thinks Quinn looks sad. She tells him a friend is about to die. He’s sorry. She never imagined it would get to this point. Quinn tells him they will go on their hike later. Quinn gets on the phone with Deacon, and tells him to meet her at the location. He muses, “So you’re going to do it. Murder.” She says she has no other choice. Liam kisses her and she leaves. Once alone, Liam looks at the wedding album.

At a rocky beach, Quinn and Deacon bicker about her plan. She assures him no one will know. She muses that the riptide will take the body out – it’s the perfect location. Deacon doesn’t want her to go through with this. Quinn says she’ll get Liam up there close to the edge, and Deacon needs to be hiding someplace. “It needs to be done.” Deacon feels this is crazy. Quinn ignores him. If she can’t finish the job, Deacon should charge Liam – then they can move on with their lives. Deacon is committed to her.

Quinn returns to the cabin and talks about how she said goodbye to her friend that is dying. Quinn wants to make love before their hike. She tells Liam she loves him, and doesn’t want this to end. He is confused, and hopes she knows he’ll never leave her.

At Forrester Creations, Steffy leaves Liam a message to let her know he’s alive. Ivy enters the office. Steffy blurts, “Where is he?” Ivy is surprised she’s asking about Liam. She tells Steffy the story of what happened on the plane, and explains he never intended to go to Australia. Steffy is skeptical. Ivy insists Liam came straight back to marry her. Steffy explains he didn’t – he was cold and distant, resigned from Forrester, and it’s like he’s fallen off the face of the earth. Ivy, who is just passing through on a trip with her dad, wonders who Liam is with. She notes Steffy hasn’t given up on him; she’s wearing his engagement ring. Steffy says she’s engaged to Wyatt. Ivy wonders why she’s doing this – she’s still in love with Liam. They argue about what Liam and Steffy had. Steffy won’t rehash the past, and admits she’s worried about Liam, who doesn’t seem to be anywhere.

At Spencer Publications, Bill advises Wyatt to borrow a couple of his brother’s suits. Wyatt doesn’t want to be a Liam clone. They talk about Steffy being worried about Liam’s whereabouts. Bill says his absence is an opportunity for Wyatt. He should take advantage of it. Wyatt will stay on there even if Liam shows up. Bill muses that it’s almost like Wyatt is taking over Liam’s life. Bill adds that Wyatt could take over the company one day, as long as his mother doesn’t screw up his opportunities; she’s trouble. Wyatt won’t let him down. He marvels at Liam giving all this up.

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