At the cabin, Deacon and Quinn whisper argue about killing Liam. Quinn doesn’t see that they have any other choice. Deacon notes her use of the word ‘we’ as Liam appears. Deacon talks to Liam and accidentally refers to Quinn as his mom instead of his wife. Liam disappears back to the kitchen, and Quinn tells Deacon he owes her a happy ending and is going to give her one. Deacon has no intention of returning to prison. Quinn shrugs that it won’t be a crime; it would be an accident. Deacon urges her to take the kid to Bill and let him sort him out. Quinn talks about their marriage. Deacon won’t allow her to pluck at his heartstrings and sucker him into first-degree murder.

At Forrester Creations, Wyatt takes a call from Bill, who barks at him to come by his office. Steffy wonders why. Wyatt muses that maybe he’s kicking himself for hiring the wrong son. Steffy reflects on Bill’s situation over there, and tells Wyatt he’ll support him. Thomas appears, wondering how to get Quinn to return his calls. Wyatt exits. Steffy confides that she feels like somebody’s widow. Thomas wonders if Wyatt knows she can’t let Liam go. She just needs to know he’s alive and okay. They debate. Thomas points out Liam broke every promise he made.

At Spencer Publications, Bill asks Wyatt about Steffy and notes the crazy quick courtship. He asks him about working at Forrester and then talks about Liam. He needed him more as he was his only surviving parent – Wyatt had Quinn. Bill complains about Liam being a waffler; he feels Wyatt is more committed. He wants his vision to be passed onto a son who will carry it on in their name. “Liam is clearly not that son, are you?” Wyatt is impressed with Bill’s offer, but questions his father about insulting him in the past. Bill says the offer should tell him what he needs to know. Wyatt phones Quinn, tells her about his new job, and informs her Bill says she must never show up there. After, Bill tells Wyatt to ensure his mother doesn’t stab or poison anyone and they’ll be fine.

At the cabin, Quinn tells Deacon the new development for Wyatt. Liam was his only obstacle, and that obstacle must stay removed. Liam re-enters the room and Quinn tells him she was asking Jim about going on a hike in the canyon. Liam is stoked. He exits. Deacon sneers at Quinn, “You’re going to do it, aren’t you?” Quinn tells him they could be good again, and calls him her ‘doer’. Deacon won’t hurt Liam. Quinn insists he could be the doorway to every happy ending.

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