Quinn meets an impatient Deacon at a neurologist’s office. He reminds her this guy from his meetings is doing him a favor, and warns that she will go to jail once Liam gets his memory back. The doctor enters. Quinn tells him about her friend, who has completely lost his memory from his concussion – she’s wondering if he’ll ever get it back. The doctor wants to examine him, but opines that based on what she’s told him, her friend’s memory loss could be permanent. After, Deacon tells Quinn that even if his memory doesn’t come back, she can’t keep Liam locked up. He urges her to come clean. Deacon warns again of prison and won’t let her do this to herself.

At Forrester Creations, Steffy complains to Wyatt that Liam hasn’t texted or sent flowers since the birth of Caroline’s baby. She finds his absence weird. Wyatt thinks maybe he’s just being selfish. Steffy argues that he’s not inconsiderate like that; she has a feeling that something’s wrong. They are debating about it when Quinn and Deacon enter. Quinn says they’re finalizing details of their annulment and asks about their wedding plans. Talk turns to Liam. Quinn reminds Steffy that Wyatt won’t abandon her, and reiterates that she is the kind of mother who would do anything to ensure her son is happy. Wyatt and Steffy leave to do work stuff, and Quinn points out to Deacon how happy they are. Deacon wonders if she’ll keep Liam away from them for the rest of his life; sooner or later Bill will put out a missing persons on him. Deacon warns it can’t last and wants to help her out of this before it’s too late. He calls Liam a weak putz and Quinn gets angry. In another office, Wyatt and Steffy tweak some budget numbers and kiss. He talks about working at Spencer. Steffy muses about Liam leaving Katie and Bill high and dry – it’s another reason she thinks something’s wrong. Wyatt isn’t concerned and wants to focus on their future. Steffy assures him she doesn’t want this to affect their relationship, but she looks grim when she embraces him.

At the cabin, Liam looks at the wedding album but can’t remember. Later, Quinn returns to find him cooking dinner. Deacon bangs on the door. Liam opens it. Quinn introduces Deacon as her friend, Jim. Liam asks, “Do I know you?” Deacon aggravates Quinn by asking Liam if he misses the beach and Beverly Hills. Liam’s timer beeps. He tells ‘Jim’ to come by anytime. Once alone, Deacon issues more warnings to Quinn about this blowing up in her face and presses her to let him go. “What other alternative do you have?” Quinn imagines pushing Liam off a cliff. “Murder.”

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