At Forrester Creations, Brooke tells Rick he will be experiencing the birth of his child soon too. They discuss Ridge and his vasectomy. Rick thinks his keeping quiet about it caused a lot of unnecessary heartache for Caroline. Brooke tells Rick that the vasectomy isn’t public knowledge – she probably shouldn’t have said anything. Rick mutters about Ridge always keeping secrets. Brooke admits she was surprised to hear about Caroline’s pregnancy considering Ridge’s condition, but he didn’t give up and now they’re having a baby.

Upstairs at the Forrester mansion, Ridge cuddles Caroline and the new baby boy in the birthing pool. Downstairs, Steffy, Wyatt, Eric, Katie, and Bill await news and joke around. Bill bugs Wyatt and Steffy about getting married and having kids. Thomas and Eric find some old baby stuff from back in the day. Katie notes Thomas is really getting into this baby. Bill takes Wyatt aside and asks him to come by the office. Liam’s absence is putting too much on Katie, who doesn’t need it right now. Upstairs, Ridge, Caroline and the baby are bundled up and have moved to the bed. Ridge will go tell everyone. Downstairs, Steffy and Thomas are glad they got over their issues with Ridge and Caroline having a child together. Ridge appears and hugs Steffy as he shares the news of the baby boy. Thomas tells Ridge the baby is lucky to have him and they embrace. Everyone wants to see the baby, but Ridge cautions that Caroline is tired. He allows Eric and Steffy to go up, but not Thomas. It’s just too many people. Upstairs, Eric and Steffy perch beside Caroline on the bed and marvel at the baby. Eric couldn’t be more proud, and thanks Caroline for the wonderful addition to the family. Downstairs, Bill has texted Caroline’s mothers. He jokes with Ridge about naming the baby after him. As Ridge is heading back upstairs, Thomas wonders if he was sending him a message by not letting him go up with Steffy and Eric. Ridge cites numbers, but Thomas says there’s something else going on. He backtracks, apologizing for being a jerk again, and tells him he’s committed to being the son he deserves. They embrace. After, Ridge rejoins Caroline and holds the baby. He loves them both.

At Forrester Creations, Brooke and Rick get word that Ridge and Caroline have had a boy. Rick muses, “So, Massimo Marone has a new grandchild.” He ponders contacting him, but Brooke tells him to stay out of it. Rick wonders what this means for RJ and Thomas.

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