At Forrester Creations, Rick tells Brooke that Ridge just left – Caroline’s in labor. Rick adds their having a home birth and gripes about it giving Ridge another claim on the house. “He thinks he can take what he wants.” Brooke doesn’t want Rick to carry on about Ridge today of all days. She gushes about the pregnancy being a miracle. Rick asks what she means. Brooke says, “Ridge had a vasectomy.” She talks about what happened once Caroline realized she wanted to have a child, including that the doctor told him it would be impossible to father a child, but he got the vasectomy reversed anyway. She marvels that Caroline got pregnant. “It’s really incredible.” Rick muses that once again, Ridge got his way. “The rules don’t apply to him. He has to control every situation.”

In the bedroom at the Forrester mansion, Ridge and the midwife and doula coach Caroline through her contractions. A pool is set up for a water birth. Downstairs, Thomas tells Steffy, Wyatt, and Eric what is going on. Bill and Katie arrive as the official Spencer welcoming committee, and note Caroline’s mothers are on their way. Eric chats about Caroline’s late aunt Caroline and tells Bill it was a shame when she passed away. He marvels that all these years later a Forrester/Spencer baby is being born right there in that house. Upstairs, Caroline gets in the pool – she’s almost there. Downstairs, Katie pulls out a bottle of champagne and wants to crack it, but Bill suggests they put it on ice until the baby’s born. Nearby, Thomas confides in Steffy about what a jerk he had been and how he wants to make better choices and be less selfish. Eric talks about everyone moving forward with love and understanding. He’s so proud to be there with all of them in the house where Ridge was raised, and his baby with Caroline will be born. Upstairs, Caroline’s water breaks and she is told to start pushing. Soon, the baby is born. Ridge and Caroline are ecstatic. Ridge gets in the pool and embraces them both.

Next on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Ridge makes an announcement to the family about the new arrival.

Thomas has a hostile reaction to Ridge’s when he acts dismissive toward him.

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– Candace Young