At the Forrester mansion, Caroline tells Thomas she’s not going to work today, and they discuss designs. Thomas is trying to step up at work and as a son. Caroline counsels Thomas to be patient with Ridge. Thomas just wants to be forgiven so he can spend time being a role model to his little brother. Caroline thinks she’s having a contraction. They establish she’s in labor. Caroline asks for her phone to call Ridge and the midwives.

At Forrester Creations, Ridge and Rick argue about buying up a corner piece of real estate. Rick turns the conversation to Ridge getting him out of the Forrester mansion. Rick thinks he provoked him on purpose by removing the portrait, so he could get the house. Ridge tries to get rid of him. Rick thinks there’s someone else out there he’s done wrong, and warns someone will push back one day. Ridge’s phone rings – Caroline says it’s time. Rick wishes Ridge luck. Soon, Eric arrives, and Rick fills him in. Eric’s tickled. They get to talking about Ridge’s child. Rick doesn’t think he’ll be allowed around it. Eric says Ridge knows the importance of family. Rick complains about Eric defending Ridge. Eric wants to get past what happened with the house. Rick infuriates Eric by suggesting the family slighted Maya because she’s transgender. Rick apologizes – he’s just upset he was manipulated by Ridge, and wonders who will be next. They bicker over Ridge not being a true Forrester. Eric gets that Rick’s angry. Rick predicts Ridge has skeletons in his closet. Eric wants to focus on the baby being born at the Forrester home.

At the mansion, Thomas times Caroline’s contractions while they wait for Ridge and the midwives. He worries the kid will be seeing his brother first, but Ridge arrives. Thomas reports the contractions are four minutes apart, and tells Ridge it’s an honor to be there for the birth. The midwives arrive and they all head upstairs to the prepared room. Thomas starts to follow, but Ridge stops him. Thomas understands. Upstairs, Caroline and Ridge recall their love story and look forward to adding the baby. “Our baby.”

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– Candace Young