Ridge tells a very upset Brooke to go home and get some rest. He says that the kids are fine and that everything will look better in the morning. Brooke is astounded that he's siding with his mother. After she leaves, Ashley comes downstairs and tries to comfort Ridge. He's concerned that if Brooke shows up in court as upset as she was just now, it would really hurt her case. Ashley tells him that his children are okay and that he should focus on that. He thanks her for keeping everything in perspective. He tells her that he needs her and Ashley says, "You got me."

Nick calls Taylor at work and tells her that his lighter caused the fire! She is concerned about everyone, but she doesn't get to talk to him for long because Stephanie shows up at her door. Taylor tells Nick that she'll see him at home, and then hangs up. Stephanie urges Taylor to go the judge and tell him her expert opinion about Brooke's mothering skills. Taylor says that she can't do that, for one thing she's not Brooke's therapist - they only spoke as friends. Stephanie tells Taylor that Brooke isn't focusing on the children and Taylor defiantly says, "Mothers get distracted and children are prone to accidents." Taylor urges Stephanie to let CPS handle this and insists that she will NOT get involved.

Brooke goes home to find Nick waiting for her. He takes her into his arms and she cries, "My babies, my babies." She tells Nick that the kids are with Ridge, but he wouldn't let her see them. She says that there's a hearing tomorrow and Stephanie will surely bring up every mistake that she's ever made so that she'll lose her children. Nick promises to be the first person on the stand to make sure that doesn't happen. He says that everyone in the courtroom will understand that Stephanie has a vendetta against her. He coaches Brooke by saying that she shouldn't let herself get intimidated. Brooke says that she has 4 children with 3 different fathers -- two of them are related and the other man is gone. "Bad choices" is the definition of how she has lived her life, she says. Nick holds her again and promises to make sure that the judge sees that she hasn't done anything wrong.

Stephanie goes to Ridge to check in. She asks how it went with Brooke and Ridge tells her that Brooke was angry and hurt. Stephanie says that the best place for the children is right here with him. "Temporarily," Ridge says. Stephanie says that the judge will sort it all out. She tells him that if he and the children need her, she is there for them.

Nick goes to Taylor's office. He gets upset that Stephanie has tried to drag her into this situation with Brooke. Taylor says that she wouldn't be involved, but he told her that she counseled Brooke. Nick says that they BOTH will speak on Brooke's behalf. Taylor says that she will certainly say what she thinks is best for the children.

Dorothy calls Brooke to inform her that her hearing will be tomorrow at 11:15. She asks if Brooke will have a lawyer, and Brooke quietly says that her brother will be there for her. After she hangs up, she looks around her fire-damaged family room. She picks up a stuffed animal from the floor and holds it close to her heart. Across town, Ridge is looking at his sleeping children and pulling their covers tight. After he leaves the room, Stephanie goes in and looks at them as they sleep. She notices that there is a photo of Brooke on the night table and shakes her head.