Brooke greets Bill in his office at Spencer Publications. She was looking for Katie. Bill says she’s at home and is seeing her psychiatrist. He worries about her going down the road of depression again. Brooke wants to be there for Katie, but knows she’s still upset. They agree they’re walking on eggshells. Bill confides they’re having a family dinner tonight – he hopes things will get back on track.

At home, Katie thanks her doctor for making a house call and confides that her sister Brooke told her husband she was still in love with him. She says she’s trying to let it go. Katie trusts her husband and wants to trust Brooke too, but doesn’t think she can. She talks about Brooke having an addiction to men and craving attention from men. The doctor senses her hurt and frustration. She’ll have to work through it. Katie doesn’t know how she can believe in her again. The doctor advises that Brooke will have to prove her trustworthiness. Katie plans to focus on Bill and Will. She can feel Brooke circling and has to protect them. “I’m not going to lose them to Brooke.” Later, Katie, Bill, and Will have spaghetti and meatballs, but Bill disapproves of Katie’s wine intake. He takes Will away and returns to confront her. Katie becomes defensive. She can feel Brooke in the room with them. Bill reminds her the only person who can undermine their marriage is in this room. “Don’t do it, Katie.” She cries.

At Forrester Creations, Rick and Maya tell Nicole they feel terrible about what happened with Zende since it was due to the pregnancy. Nicole admits she misses him a lot. Rick offers to talk to him, but Nicole doesn’t want him convinced to be with her… asking him to wait nine months was too much. Rick leaves Maya to comfort Nicole, who questions how she’s feeling about her body. She didn’t feel desirable so she shot Zende down. She’s afraid he won’t be alone for long. Maya admires Nicole’s maturity. In the studio, Zende finishes a shoot with Sasha. She tells him to get over what happened with Nicole…he deserves way better. Zende packs up his things to leave. Sasha tells him no more moping and says she’s there for whatever he needs.

At Brooke’s place, Rick talks to Brooke about Nicole. He realizes she’s still worried about Katie. Brooke says Katie and Bill will have to figure this out together.

In the Forrester mansion, a shirtless Zende finds Sasha at his door again. She makes fun of the dysfunctional Avants and says it’s good he didn’t get involved with Nicole and her crazy pregnancy. She touches him, undresses, and kisses him.

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– Candace Young