At the cabin, Quinn calls Wyatt and urges him to take his rightful spot at Spencer Publications. After, she is giving Liam some meds when there’s a knock on the door. She tucks Liam back into bed and goes to the door. It’s Deacon with the doctored photos. Quinn tells him Wyatt and Steffy are engaged. Deacon marvels that her crazy plan is actually working and notes she’s wearing clothes that Pam would wear. Quinn is a doting wife. Deacon learns Liam said he loved her and that she said it back. He mocks her. Quinn insists she’s just using Liam to give Steffy and Wyatt time. Deacon wonders how long that will be. Quinn says Liam might have to disappear for good. Deacon thinks she might be falling for him for real. He warns her again she could end up in jail – this can’t go on much longer. They argue. Quinn reiterates that she might have to kill Liam. Deacon goes, saying this is one train wreck he can’t stop watching. After, Liam’s headache is worse.

At Spencer, Katie finds Bill upset. He says Liam texted back that he is too busy finding himself to care about Steffy or work. Katie urges him not to take Liam’s text personally. Bill muses that maybe Quinn was right all along. Katie wonders if he has a fever. Bill says maybe he’s overlooked Wyatt and goes on about the time he put in training and teaching Liam only for him to vanish. He thinks it’s maybe time to get Wyatt into the family company. Bill knows that whackjob Quinn has had too much influence over Wyatt, but he’s very much his son and belongs there.

At Forrester Creations, Ridge asks Steffy if Liam walked through the door with an explanation and an apology, would she still be wearing Wyatt’s ring? Steffy insists she’s not just settling because Liam’s not around. She deserves to be with someone she can count on. Wyatt appears. He agrees. Wyatt makes a speech about how much he cares for Steffy. Ridge congratulates them and exits. Wyatt says he told his parents and his mom wasn’t shocked at all, though she was thrilled. Wyatt adds that she suggested he pursue a position at Spencer because it’s his birthright. Steffy tells him to go for it.

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