Steffy admires her engagement ring at the beach house. She can’t wait to show the ring off and admits to Wyatt that she left Liam a message. Steffy wanted him to hear their engagement news from her. Wyatt’s not mad and both agree to go their separate ways to spread their engagement news.

Quinn listens to Steffy’s message on Liam’s cell again at the cabin. Liam appears and comments on how much Quinn is glowing. Quinn credits her mood to Liam professing his love the other night. After she gets a text from Wyatt, Quinn kisses Liam and promises to do the same when she returns. Once alone, Liam does an internet search on ‘Adam Smith’. The results aren’t helpful but something catches his eye. The website of Spencer Publications. Liam shakes his head and closes the laptop, feeling defeated.

Over at Spencer, Bill suggests Katie make amends with Brooke. Katie appreciates his need to fix things but she’s not ready to go there yet. Though they had lunch plans, Katie gets a text and has to cancel. Talk turns to Liam’s absence and how Katie has had to fill in for him. Katie doesn’t mind. Bill gets a text from Wyatt and wonders why he wants to meet. Soon, Quinn and Wyatt appear. Wyatt doesn’t waste time announcing his engagement. Though Bill and Katie are taken back, Wyatt’s attention is drawn to Quinn. “Why aren’t you more surprised?” he asks, knowing how hard Quinn’s been pushing him toward Steffy. Quinn claims she knew Wyatt and Steffy were meant to be then hugs her son. Later, alone, Bill admits to Wyatt that he’s always wanted Liam with Steffy. But Liam left… Bill gives Wyatt his blessing.

Thomas sits with Caroline and Ridge at Forrester. After the baby kicks, Thomas talks about becoming a big brother. Ridge changes the subject to Liam. They all wonder about his absence. Steffy arrives and they begin their meeting. When Caroline jokes about them having the next meeting at home in pajamas, Steffy admits she won’t be living at the mansion for much longer then wiggles her ring finger. Caroline jumps up with glee, as Ridge asks, “What about Liam?” Steffy explains how her attempts to reach Liam have gone unanswered. As hard as it’s been, Wyatt’s helped her let go of Liam. Caroline and Thomas give Ridge and Steffy time alone. Ridge wants to be sure Wyatt is who Steffy wants. Steffy insists Wyatt is her future, she can feel it. Ridge gives Steffy his blessing.

Quinn returns to the cabin and finds Liam trying to uncover his identity online. She urges him to rest and promises to give him the answers he needs. All he has to do is ask. After Liam goes to lie down, Quinn sees Bill leaving a voicemail on Liam’s cell. She listens to Bill’s message, urging Liam to come back and claim what is his – Steffy. If not for Steffy, Bill asks Liam to come back for him. Quinn sends Bill a text ‘from Liam’ saying that he’s at a retreat, approves of Wyatt making Steffy happy and suggests Bill give his job to Wyatt. She then calls Wyatt and pushes him to reach out to Bill, to remind his father that Spencer is his birthright.

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