Brooke can't believe that CPS took her kids away from her. Stephanie tells her to calm down because she's acting the way she did the last time she had a break down. Brooke tells Dorothy that it's Stephanie who manipulates situations to meet her own ends. She tells the woman about Stephanie's fake heart attack, among other things. She asks if the two of them are working together? Dorothy says that she was summoned because two minors were left unsupervised. She says that things got worse for Brooke when she left them with a man who leaves a lighter behind for them to play with! The women argue about what's best for the children. Dorothy says that the children are with their father and a hearing will be held to determine their future. Brooke gets in Stephanie's face and says, "Ridge is not going to go along with this. Never! Never! Never!" as she stomps out the door to go to her children.

Ridge takes Hope and R.J. home. He has called ahead so that Ashley is waiting with PB & J sandwiches. After they've been bathed and tucked in, Ashley can see that Ridge is upset. He says that he hopes Brooke understands why they are doing what they've done. He thanks Ashley for being here for them tonight.

Nick is waiting for Taylor to finish up at the office when his cell rings. He sees that it's Brooke's home number so he answers by saying that he'll be right over to look for the lighter. But the voice at the other end of the phone tells him that there's been a fire. He rushes out the door.

When Nick arrives at Brooke's house, he finds Stephanie and Dorothy there. Then, he learns that Dorothy is from Child Protective Services. Stephanie tells Nick that this isn't his family, nor his concern. Dorothy pipes up that that Nick's lighter started the fire and he is the one who almost let Hope drown. "Are the children with their mother?" Nick insists as he stares at Dorothy. She remains tight-lipped, so Nick turns to Stephanie and says, "You wouldn't do this. Would you?" He tells the women that they will never take Brooke's kids from her. He reminds them that Donna was the one who left the kids and it was his lighter that started the fire - neither incidence had anything to do with Brooke! Stephanie says that Brooke is in a freefall and needs help. Nick says that Brooke is getting help from Taylor and that that "Dot" doesn't need to be involved. He says that this whole thing is about Stephanie's hatred and vendetta against Brooke. He demands that Stephanie look Dot in the eye and admit that she would do anything to get Brooke out of her family "even if it meant taking her kids away from her!"

Brooke rushes into Ridge's house and finds Ashley. Brooke assumes that Ashley agrees with her that children belong with their mother, right? Before Ashley can answer, Brooke says that they will fight Stephanie and CPS together! Ridge comes downstairs and Brooke rushes into his arms. She urges him to help her stop Stephanie and CPS! Ashley says that she'll give them privacy and slips out the door. Brooke tells Ridge that her emotions are all over the place since she finally realized that neither he nor Nick is coming back to her. She says that her focus needs to be on her kids now and that she doesn't want to mess them up with all of her issues. Brooke takes a breath and tells Ridge that she has come to pick the kids up and take them home. Ridge says that they're already asleep and that she's not taking them tonight. "They're staying here," Ridge says to Brooke's surprise. Brooke calms down when she assumes that he means it's just for the night. She tells Ridge to open his eyes and realize that his mother is staging a conspiracy against her. Ridge suggests that Brooke "take a break" until she gets her life together. "Oh my God. You are on their side aren't you?" Brooke demands. She asserts that she won't let anyone take her kids away. Ridge holds her by the arm and says that CPS gave him temporary custody of the kids for the time being. "This is not up to me…and even if it were…" Ridge doesn't get a chance to finish because Brooke screams at him.