At Brooke’s place, Rick and Bridget joke and reminisce as Maya and Brooke look on and laugh. Rick asks Brooke about Katie. Brooke muses that the photo album debacle made things worse for Katie. She’s glad she has Bill. Maya gets up to speed on Bridget being a doctor and a designer. Ridge’s name comes up. Rick says they’re getting along better…as long as he’s out of town.

At Spencer Publications, Katie tells Bill she’s having trouble getting going this morning. Bill alludes to her drinking being the reason. Katie blows off his concerns. Bill wants to discuss what happened last night. Katie assures him everything will be fine – she just needs a little time and a husband who cuts her a little slack. Bill says he loves her. Katie talks sarcastically about Brooke and the photo album. Later, Bill texts Brooke to meet him and then leaves. Katie calls Alison and learns he had no outside meeting scheduled.

At Brooke’s place, she reads Bill’s text, and then tells Rick, Bridget, and Maya she has to leave. Rick heads off too. Bridget and Maya discuss their lives. Bridget asks about the rivalry between Rick and Ridge. Maya confirms no one pushes her husband’s buttons like Ridge. She wishes Ridge would give him the respect he deserves.

At Spencer, Katie drinks and tracks Brooke on her phone’s GPS.

At Bill’s house, he tells Brooke that Katie is at Spencer and Will’s with the nanny. He confides in her about Katie turning to alcohol. He’s really worried.

At the Forrester mansion, Ridge is happy to be reunited with Caroline. They talk about the cocktail party they’re holding there tonight. Ridge says he has other plans that Rick won’t be happy about. He has Maya’s portrait removed and Stephanie’s put back up on the wall. Eric arrives. He notices the portrait. Ridge says the matriarch’s back in her place, as it should be. Eric muses about Ridge provoking conflict, like Stephanie sometimes did. Ridge assures him it will be okay. Eric wants Ridge to call Rick and let him know about the portrait, but Rick arrives and notices right away. They argue. Ridge says the people coming to the party knew Stephanie, that’s why he put it up. Rick demands he switch it back. Rick tells Eric he won’t step foot in the house again until Maya’s portrait is back up.

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