On the beach, Steffy wonders, “Where are you Liam?” She heads back into Wyatt’s house. He’s glad she’s back and offers for her to move in – he’s certain about what he wants. Steffy thought she wanted Liam. She needs to hear it from him in person what happened. She might not understand, but at least then she’ll believe it. Wyatt gazes outside. Steffy asks if he’s upset. Wyatt assures her it’s fine – it might be weird if she were ready. Talk turns briefly to Quinn, before Steffy wonders if Liam could be dead. Wyatt agrees his disappearance is strange. Steffy is bewildered. It’s like he’s non-existent.

At Quinn’s cabin in Topanga Canyon, she tells Liam their relationship has changed, and he’s like a child who has never been hurt. They kiss. Liam gets confused again. He senses there’s a promise he didn’t keep, or someone is waiting for him. Liam asks if they’re divorced – there’s nothing of his there. Quinn improvises that it’s still at their old place. Liam asks about Quinn. She talks about her childhood – she was inconvenient. She flashes to catching her mother canoodling with a man when her daddy dropped her off early. Her mother is upset when the man takes off. She calls Quinn a little witch for running him off and hollers, “What kind of a life can I have with you around?” Quinn sheds a few tears as she tells Liam her mother used to ask her why she was ever born. She admits she’d never told anyone about this…until now. Liam is comforting and affectionate. She tells him to rest and kisses his head. There’s a knock – it’s Deacon. She tries to get rid of him, but he spots Liam sleeping in the bed.

At home, Bill tells Katie that apparently Quinn dumped Deacon. Katie wonders if he cheated on her. Bill laughs. “Only if he wanted to wake up decapitated.” They joke around before the conversation turns serious again. Bill admits he’s been hands-off with Wyatt, but it’s because he doesn’t want Quinn up in his business. Talk turns to men ‘picking’ the right women. Katie agrees – who you’re with changes you. With him she can almost forget the self-conscious girl she used to be. She muses how she goes back there when something happens – everyone could see it was crazy to invite Brooke to work with them.

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