The fire alarm is going off and Brooke runs out from the kitchen to see the fire encircling her children! She tells them to hold onto each other while she figures out what to do. Ridge opens the door and runs right through the fire to grab the kids. After he hands them to Brooke, he finds a fire extinguisher and it doesn't work! Brooke tells him where another one is, and he gets it and puts the flames out. Ridge wraps his arms around Brooke and the kids and then asks how it happened. Brooke explains that she was in the kitchen making dinner, and when she came back to the family room, it was in flames. Ridge asks why she left them alone, again! Brooke starts to defend herself, but the Fire Department arrives.

Nick is at Taylor's office looking in his pockets for his lighter, while Taylor is nibbles on his ear. He is worried that he dropped the lighter while playing with the kids and that they might find it. He calls Brooke and ends up leaving a voicemail that he's going to come over and look for it.

Thorne drops Allie off with Felicia for a sleepover with her cousin Dominic. The little girl hugs her daddy and he tells her that he loves her very much. As he leaves, Felicia can tell that he is distressed to be leaving Allie, but she tells him that it's only for one night and to have fun. "Who is the lucky lady?" she asks and Thorne simply says that he'll see her tomorrow and then leaves.

Dorothy Baskin, the woman from Child Protective Services, is listening to Stephanie talk about all of Brook's indiscretions over the years. Stephanie starts to tell her old friend about the breakdown that Brooke had years ago, but her cell phone rings. She learns that there's been a 911 dispatch to Brooke's house, so they head out the door together.

At Brooke's, firemen are looking for clues as to how the fire started and Hope is just starting to explain about the lighter when Stephanie and Dorothy Baskin come to the door. Brooke pushes them outside and tells them that everything is fine. She can't believe that the woman from CPS has come! Stephanie tells her to open her eyes. Brooke tells the women to leave and Dorothy says that she's not going anywhere until she finds out how the fire happened. Brooke closes the door in their faces and locks it.

The fire captain finds Nick's lighter and Ridge recognizes it and tells Brooke that he doesn't want Nick puffing away in front of the kids. Hope explains that Nick was just showing them how to make a cool pirate poster with burnt edges. She says that he must have dropped it out of his pocket and she found it. Hope apologizes and tells them not to blame Nick. A fireman chimes in that it's a good thing that her mommy had more than 1 fire extinguisher. He explains that every household needs one in the kitchen, the garage and on each floor of the house. He says that they need to be checked every month. Brooke says that she even has her PDA programmed to remind her to check them.

Ridge goes outside to tell Stephanie and Dorothy that Nick Marone is the reason they had a fire. Dorothy recognizes the name of Nick Marone as the incompetent man that Stephanie mentioned earlier. She says that given the fact that 911 has come twice in one day, and that Brooke left her kids alone and then later left them with a dangerous man; she has no choice but to remove the children. Ridge says, "You're acting like she's one step away from the loony hatch. She's just going through a rough time." Stephanie asks him if the children should suffer while Brooke gets help. Dorothy asks Ridge if Hope can stay with him even though she's not his biological child. Ridge says that he loves her as if she was his own, and agrees to take the children and let the women talk to Brooke.

Inside, a fireman tells Brooke that it was an accident and not to be so hard on herself. Stephanie and Dorothy come inside and Dorothy proceeds to explain that her actions of late show that her judgment is in question. She says that she needs to do a thorough investigation and she will remove the children for the time being. "Where are my children?" Brooke asks. She runs outside and looks for them and when she realizes that they are gone, she begs to know where her babies are. As she grows more and more distressed, a fireman holds her by the arms.

Thorne has gone back home and is crying while looking at pictures of Darla. It's been a year since she died, he tells her as he breaks down and sobs. He tells Darla, "…it's just too damn hard to be strong for our daughter." Then his hands shake as he takes some pills and washes them down with booze and says, "Forgive me."