At Spencer Publications, Katie invites Brooke to lie to her. Brooke assures her nobody crossed the line. Katie asks why she would tell her husband she was in love with him unless she wanted something to come of it. Brooke protests that she meant it when she said it would never happen again. Katie sneers that Brooke doesn’t even know when she’s lying. Brooke tells Katie it wasn’t Bill – she couldn’t let the feelings go. Katie knows. She snarks that her husband can’t possibly be the love of Brooke’s life. She theorizes that Brooke can’t go after Ridge because of Caroline, but has a shot with Bill since Katie’s her only competition and has a heart transplant. Katie accuses her of putting in an effort so she can have Bill after she’s dead. Brooke tries to leave the office since Katie’s not making sense. Katie attacks her for betraying her again. She tells Brooke to go, but Brooke goes on about not tearing her family apart. Katie says women like Brooke need to be paid; she won’t pay in tears and forgiveness this time. “Move along and take your business elsewhere.” In Bill’s office, Caroline interrupts him and Alison, who are bickering. Caroline and Bill chat about Forrester. She is pleased that one of her biggest workplace stressors has moved to Spencer. “I hope Brooke is working out.”

At Wyatt’s beach house, he and Steffy are puzzled over Liam’s text message; it’s not like him. Wyatt offers for her to stay there. She declines. He understands how it would look. They talk about relationships. Wyatt remembers when he knew how to make himself happy. More discussion ensues. Wyatt suggests they get past their bad time together. Steffy flashes to her last conversation with Liam. Wyatt decides to leave and give her space, but first warns her not to let Liam take the ‘Steffy’ out of her when he finally reaches out.

At the cabin, Quinn looks through Liam’s phone. He wakes up. Quinn is sure he wonders how he ended up there with her. Liam saw her taking care of him. She realizes he still doesn’t remember. Quinn tries to explain, but Liam stops her with a thank you, and adds, “I don’t even know your name.” He marvels at waking up to find a beautiful woman caring for him. Quinn is stunned. She steps away and mutters, “He only knows what I tell him.” She brings him water and then steps out to call Wyatt for an update. She issues warnings about how to deal with Liam if he returns.

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Katie tells Bill exactly what must happen to save their marriage.

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– Candace Young