Nick gets into Stephanie's face and tells her to leave Brooke alone. Stephanie wonders how he and his white horse find the time to keep saving damsel Brooke. She tells him that he should be focusing on his wife and the baby she is carrying. Then, she warns Nick to stay away from Brooke because she's unstable right now. The kids run into the room and Nick says, "Bye Grandma!" and pushes Stephanie out the door.

As Ridge and Ashley are making out in the steam room, he tells her that her scent is driving him wild. Between kisses, he tells her that he wanted to wait until things were perfect but she's driving him crazy. Then, their towels drop to the floor and they lie down together. After a while, Ashley tells him that "it" would be so much better when they can take their time. He tells her that she is worth waiting for.

In Taylor's office, Brooke is being brutally honest about her own shortcomings when it comes to parenting. She admits that everything always seems to take a back seat when she gets pursues a man. Taylor is impressed by Brooke's level of self awareness. Brooke says that normally she can get a handle on her destructive pattern before it goes too far, but his time she couldn't seem to crawl her way out of her hole to be the mommy that her kids deserve. Taylor tries to refer her to another doctor and Brooke asks her to stay because she is at her breaking point. Taylor thinks for a minute and then offers a theory. There is a thing called "Love addition" that usually stems from childhood, she says. Taylor thinks that perhaps when Brooke's father abandoned her she felt unlovable. So today, whenever she's without a man, Brooke feels worthless and panics and does whatever she can to make him stay. Taylor says that when he goes, the cycle starts all over again until Brooke can get another "fix". Taylor says that it's the exact same pattern as every addiction. Brooke quietly takes it all in and finally speaks. "Fine. That's what's wrong with me. So what do I do about it?" Taylor tells her that her self awareness and willingness to make changes is the most important way to begin. She suggests that Brooke stop looking for men to bail her out and count on no one but herself.

Stephanie has asked her old friend Dorothy Baskin from the Child Protective Services to come to her office. When she arrives, Stephanie says that she just visited her grandchildren and now Brooke has left them with a man who isn't competent - Nick Marone! She says that the last time Nick watched Hope she nearly drowned. Dorothy agrees to look into it and is on her way out as Ridge comes into Stephanie's office. Later, Ridge asks his mother why she called Child Protective Services. Stephanie says that she just wants Brooke's household kept an eye on. Ridge says he's going to see his children.

Nick and the kids are having a ball at Brooke's house. He agrees to a round of hide 'n go seek and while the kids are hiding, Brooke comes home and says that she feels a little better. She tells him that Taylor helped her to see that she has a lot of work to do to be the kind of mother that she wants to be. Nick says that she made a mistake and warns her to never let her guard down where Stephanie is concerned. The kids come out from hiding and Brooke tells them to hug Nick goodbye so that he can go home to Taylor.

Brooke and the kids snuggle up on the couch and talk about their day. She asks if they are hungry and then decides that she should go in the kitchen and make a picnic for them to eat out on the terrace. While the kids are waiting, Hope sees something under the coffee table and finds Nick's lighter. She and R.J. decide to light a candle for their picnic. After they've lit it, they drop it on the rug while fumbling with the terrace door.

Nick stops off at Taylor's office and Taylor says that she had an appointment that went on far too long. Nick says that he knows it was Brooke because she asked him to stay with her kids while she was gone. He thanks his wife for talking to Brooke and says that she felt better when she came home. Taylor says that Brooke is still in love with him and even had the nerve to tell her so! Nick jokes that Taylor should jack up her prices. He pulls out a cigar and Taylor tells him that he needs to stop that nasty habit before the baby is born. Nick fumbles around in his pockets and says that he might be quitting sooner since he can't find his lighter.