Stephanie is informing Eric and Ridge how it happened that Child Protective Services were called on Brooke this morning. Ridge asks Stephanie to find some compassion for Brooke since she's gone through a lot lately. He wants to go visit his kids and Stephanie tells him not to fall into the old "rescue Brooke" pattern. She offers to go check in the kids and then report back.

Nick has returned to town and is visiting R.J. and Hope. After the kids go upstairs, he asks Brooke if she's okay. No, she says. She admits that she tried to get back with Ridge but he doesn't want to take a chance on her because he thinks she's in love with him. "He's not wrong," Brooke says to Nick. She apologizes if this revelation makes him uncomfortable and then says that she's going to get some help. She tells him that she has decided to see Taylor - professionally. Nick can't believe would choose his wife for her therapist, but he offers to watch the kids for her. "You're a God send," Brooke says gratefully.

Abby is visiting her Mom at Forrester Originals. She has made a gift for Ridge at art camp to thank him for the 4th of July party. She says that it's nice to see her mom so happy, too. Ridge opens the gift to find a pretty blue glazed coffee cup. He promises to use it every morning. After Abby goes off to the movies with a friend, Ashley and Ridge talk for a while. She asks if there's anything she can do to help with the Brooke/R.J./Hope situation. Ridge says that Brooke is a bit of a mess lately, and he would like to spend more time with the kids to help Brooke out. Then, he tells her that there's something she can do for him.

As Stephanie leaves the office to visit Ridge's kids, Eric tells her that she should take her own advice to Ridge and leave Brooke alone. Stephanie says that she's not going to let Brooke raise this set of kids like she raised Bridget and Rick. She tells Eric that they need to step up and be the role model for Hope and R.J. and then leaves.

Brooke has arrived at Taylor's office without an appointment. Taylor says that she CAN NOT treat her, but offers to get her a referral. Brooke says that she has put her children in danger and that she is in crisis. Taylor says that she can see that, but she can't be her doctor. Brooke begs her to at least talk to her as a friend. Taylor calms down and agrees to talk -- as friends. After Brooke fills her in on how things got so bad for her so quickly, Taylor asks, "Is Ridge right? Are you still in love with my husband?" Brooke starts to ramble about Taylor and Nick's baby and Taylor keeps her on track. Brooke says that she feels alone and powerless and her life is spinning out of control. She tells Taylor about the last night and how she fell asleep by the road. She speculates that she felt so drained and empty that she just gave in and fell sleep. Taylor listens and nods and tells Brooke that she is at a crossroads. Brooke says, "What kind of mother falls asleep and leaves her kids home alone all night long?" She goes on and says that maybe her kids are better of without her.

At Brooke's house, Nick and the kids have pirate's hats on and are acting out a buried treasure scene. The doorbell rings and Nick scowls, "Open the door or I'll make you walk the plank!" Stephanie comes in and growls back, "Aye Maties!" After she finds out that Brooke is out, she tells Nick to leave and she'll stay with her grandchildren. Nick tells her that Brooke asked him to help out and that is want he intends to do. He says that Brooke won't fall apart. "Not on my watch."

Ridge has enticed Ashley out of the office and into the company steam room for a little R&R. He tells her that he's really glad that she came into his life and they proceed to make out with only two towels between them.

Taylor tells Brooke that she is a good mother and she does deserve her children. She assures Brooke that she is a very resilient woman. Brooke says that if she were a man, she wouldn't want to be with herself either! She admits to Taylor that she really thought she could get Nick to walk away from her and come with her. Then, she talks about Ridge, "…he finally wised up and got sick of me. Because all I ever do is cause people pain and ruin their lives." Brooke breaks down as she says that every rotten thing that Stephanie ever said about her is true. She says that she needs to change for Hope and R.J. "before something terrible happens."