Brooke is fast asleep in her car along Sunset Blvd. She slowly starts to wake up and can't believe that she slept in the car.

Hope and R.J. have covered themselves up on the sofa and spent the night there. When they wake up, Hope calls 911 and says that her mommy is lost. The cops come right over.

Ashley and Stephanie are drinking coffee in Stephanie's office and chit chatting. The conversation is small talk about Abby and R.J. and how swimmingly they get along together. Just then, Lt. Baker shows up because he heard on dispatch that Hope and R.J. Forrester were left home alone last night.

Rick has arrived at Insomnia early. He treats a female customer to coffee and offers to buy it for a month if she votes of him and Phoebe in the singing contest. Constantine has arrived, too, and he's looking on as Rick chats with the customer -- wondering if she's the one. Felicia finds him and says that he's "Barking up the wrong tree." Phoebe arrives and Constantine goes to make a sound check.

The cops are at Brooke's house talking to Hope and R.J. Stephanie runs in and hugs the kids. She tells them to call her and Grandpa any time they need them. She tells Hope that she's proud of her being such a big girl. Just then Miss Baskin arrives from the Children's Protective Services. Brooke rushes in and asks what's going on. She goes straight to the kids and Lt. Baker and Stephanie notice that she smells like alcohol. Brooke asks where Donna is and she's told that Donna left last night. Brooke can't believe what has happened and then Stephanie makes it worse. She has snooped through Brooke's purse and is holding up a napkin with a phone number on it. She says, "Your children spent the night alone, but it looks like you had company."

Brooke says that she fell asleep in the car and then explains that Donna was babysitting. Hope says that a car came, so Donna left. Stephanie realizes that the car must've been the courier service that she hired to bring Brooke's belongings home from the office. When the cops ask if she was too drunk to drive, she says that she only had sparkling water and offers to take a breathalyzer test. She says that she had an emotional day and almost had an accident on her way home, so she pulled over to collect herself. She says that if she reeks of alcohol it's because she had to push her way away from a man in the bar, who spilled his drink on her.

Finally, Stephanie vouches for Brooke by saying that she's not a drinking woman. She also says that Brooke's sister isn't the "sharpest knife in the drawer." Miss Baskin asks if, given Brooke's emotional distress, should the children spend the afternoon somewhere else? Brooke says that she wants to be with her children and they need her, too. Stephanie agrees. The officials leave and Stephanie warns Brooke that if something like this ever happens again, it won't be this easy on her.

Constantine finds Felicia and asks who Rick is cheating with. Felicia says that Rick is family and she's not talking. Then Constantine finds C.J. and says that the sound system isn't up to his standards, but they'll do. Then he goes back to badgering Felicia to tell him who the other woman is. Meanwhile, C.J. tells Rick and Phoebe that Constantine seems to be "lacking in the sense of humor department."

Brooke curls up on the sofa and holds her kids. She says that it wasn't all Aunt Donna's mistake, it was hers too. She says that she was upset and needed to go away for a little while. "It's okay if you cry Mommy," Hope tells her. Brooke promises her kids that everything will be okay. Hope asks if she should call daddy for her and Brooke says that they can take care of each other from now on.

Stephanie goes back to the office and Ashley asks if everyone is okay. Stephanie says that it turned out to be Donna's fault at face value. She worries about Brooke going off on one of her sexual rampage benders. Stephanie says that Brooke will grab the nearest man and Ashley says that sounds a little harsh. Stephanie asks Ashley if she knows who Hope's father is? Ashley says that they've all been married a few times - including herself. Stephanie says that Brooke conceived Hope with Bridget's husband! She sighs and says that Child Protective Services has a record of it now and we'll see what happens. Ashley is shocked to hear that CPS was called in, and then says that Ridge has to be told.