Ridge, Stephanie and Eric are at the office. Stephanie is congratulating Ridge on giving Brooke the boot and Eric warns them that Brooke has been a part of their family for years and not to forget that. Stephanie says that Ashley is quite capable of filling Brooke's shoes. Ridge doesn't like to hear his mother talking like this, but she doesn't seem to mind.

Brooke has gone to the bar at Café Russe and ordered some sparkling water. She's recalling Ridge's words about wanting a new life…without her. A guy from across the bar is watching her, and then he offers to buy her a drink. She graciously declines as he continues to insist. Finally, her phone rings and she is able to jerk her elbow away from his hands. It's Donna calling, she's staying with Hope and R.J. but she needs to leave ASAP to catch a plane for a business trip. Brooke tells her to call Katherine to come over and that she'll be along shortly. While Brooke's on the phone, the guy orders her a drink. When Brooke hangs up, he offers her the drink and she declines it and spills a little on her way out the door. He yells at her, "Hey! That was expensive scotch!"

Ashley goes into the lab and isn't surprised to see Rick sulking there waiting for her. She tells him that she hasn't told Ridge about them yet, but she's going to. She says that Phoebe needs to hear about their past from him. Rick says that Phoebe won't be able to handle it, and Phoebe comes in and asks what she won't be able to handle? Rick and Ashley are dumbstruck, and Phoebe wonders if it's about the new Phoebe soap? She says that the publicity tour will be exciting and how wonderful it is because she has Rick to share it with. Ashley says that their "business" can wait…for now, and she leaves them alone. They start to make out and then Rick tells Phoebe that they can't do this here. She says she is happy to be with him and she doesn't care who sees. She stops kissing him long enough to say that she has forgiven him for what happened when they broke up.

C.J. and Bridget are hanging out at Insomnia. He tells her about the singing competition between Constantine and Rick. When Bridget asks what the prize for winning is, C.J. says that he doesn't know and doesn't care. Phoebe tells him that he has always had a one track mind, and as he walks away C.J. flirts, "You would know…" Before long, Carl shows up at Bridget's table and she tells him that they've already solved their "situation". Carl says that there's new information - one of the lead doctors at the hospital is retiring a year early. Carl insinuates that he probably wants to avoid a scandal.

Just then, Nick finds Bridget and comes up and introduces himself to Carl. He comments that "Ferret" is an unusual name and Carl cracks, "Wait until you get to know me." After Carl excuses himself, Nick sits down and says that Taylor has a craving for scrambled eggs. Bridget is nervous and Nick asks why she's acting so funny. She tells him that she's happy for him and that he "got the fairy tale." Nick says that he's a little worried about Brooke, and then asks what's going on. Bridget says that she's a little worried, too, and that Brooke is thinking of going back to Ridge. Nick says that she can't do that! Bridget says that she's never seen her mother this down before.

Brooke is driving home in the rain, remembering both Ridge's and Nick's recent words of "goodbye". Then she gets another call from Donna. It turns out that Katherine is out of town and she can't come stay with the kids; and Donna is going to miss her flight. Brooke tells her to sit tight, she is just turning off of Sunset Blvd. After she hangs up, Brooke pulls over to get a grip. She says that she doesn't want Hope and R.J. to see her fall apart.

At Forrester Originals, Ashley runs into Stephanie. Stephanie joyfully says that Brooke has as much as quit her job and she is forever in her debt. After Stephanie leaves, Ridge finds Ashley and she asks him how he feels about Brooke leaving the family business. He says that he'll always care about her, but he can't see himself going back there again. He reaches out and touches Ashley's hair and says that when she told him that she was thinking of leaving LA, he realized how much he wants her to stay.

Donna is all ready to go to the airport when she sees a car pull into the driveway. She kisses the kids and tells them that she's going out the back door because that is where her car is. After she leaves, a delivery guy knocks on the door with a package for Brooke. He puts it on the doorstep and leaves. Hope tells R.J. not to worry because they can hide until Mommy comes home.

Brooke has passed out in her car somewhere along Sunset Boulevard.