In the lab, Ashley picks up the telephone as if to call someone and begins thinking back to her last conversation with Rick. At that point, Ridge enters the room and approaches her from behind, nuzzling her neck. She turns and they say 'good morning' by embracing and kissing. Stephanie appears in the doorway and says she's never been so pleased to see work policies being broken!

In the studio, Constantine gets a call from Ridge, asking if he's found out anything more about the identity of Rick's affair. Constantine says he hasn't, but he is working on it. At that moment Rick walks into the room and confronts him about playing Phoebe the message from the woman on his phone. Constantine defends his actions, as does Phoebe, who asks them to please stop fighting. When Constantine leaves the room, Phoebe tells Rick that the other woman is a dead issue to her, and she hates the constant arguing. Constantine comes back in the room and asks if they're ready to begin recording, or, he snidely asks, does Rick need time to "make a phone call" first?

As Stephanie has caught Ridge kissing Ash in the lab, she jokes that they're both fired. Seriously though, she says, it is nice to see my son so relaxed - why don't you two go to Catalina? she suggests. Just then Brooke enters the lab, overhears, and wonders what about the work that needs to be done with the soaps? Soon, the four of them are seated in the lab sampling the soaps and Steph begins needling Brooke. Brooke tries to ignore her and reminisces about the old days in the lab. Stephanie says thank god those days are over and turns the conversation toward Ash, telling her how great she was with the kids the other night. Brooke jumps into the conversation and Stephanie rudely asks why she's even there. Brooke says she's sitting in for Rick. Ashley says she's very uncomfortable with Stephanie's shots at Brooke. Brooke leaves the lab, Ridge chastizes his mother and leaves as well. Ashley turns to Steph and asks her to please stop making her an enemy of Brooke.

Back at the studio, Constantine and Rick continue to swap barbs, until Rick and Phoebe go into the booth to warm up for their duet. As they begin to record the song, a grinning Constantine watches Phoebe.

Still at the lab, Ashley tells Stephanie that she is not interested in becoming Brooke's competition. Stephanie assures her that what Ashley & Ridge have will win out. Ashley shocks her by asking how she can be so sure. You hardly know me, she tells Stephanie, this thing with Ridge could fizzle out in two weeks! She accuses Stephanie of treating Brooke very badly, especially for someone who is part of her family. Stephanie simply trashes Brooke some more. Ashley tells her she doesn't want to hear it. Steph suggests that maybe she should hear it. Ash agains reminds Steph that even Ash isn't sure if things will work out with Ridge. Oh well, says Steph, at least you're not sleeping with every man in my family, are you?

Constantine plays the recording of the love song back to Rick and Phoebe. A confident Rick says that they nailed it. Constantine tells him it will still need some tweaking before it's ready for the contest. Suddenly, Rick gets a "call from work" - it's Ashley. He steps into the other room to hold the conversation. Ash tells him she needs to see him. He tries to put her off, but she says that she NEEDS to have a conversation with him, and would like to have it with Rick before she has it with Ridge...

In the Forrester showroom, Brooke sits alone in the dark, suddenly the lights come on and Ridge enters. Brooke says maybe it was a mistake for her to think she could work at Forrester again. Ridge tells her that she's the best at what she does, and his mother will never change. She assures him she can handle Stephanie. He says what about Ash though? Ridge confirms to Brooke that he is serious about Ash. Brooke stresses that she came back for the job - and for Ridge. Ridge says he wanted to reunite as well, but he's stopping it from happening because he doesn't trust Brooke's love for him.

Constantine comes upon Phoebe, after Rick leaves, sitting on the sofa browsing a website about the contest. Don't worry, she tells Constantine, we'll win and then Rick will leave us alone - what he's doing is sweet.

Rick, meanwhile, has arrived at the lab, and he and Ashley close the door to speak privately. She has called him over to tell him that she is going to reveal their affair to Ridge. Rick thinks it's a very bad idea. Ashley insists that it is in the way of her developing relationship with Ridge. So to clear your conscience you are going to throw me to the dogs? he asks, incredulous. She says that too many people know - it's bound to come out. He starts to protest, but Ashley says sorry, I'm not asking for your permission...

Brooke tells Ridge in the showroom, that perhaps if she is causing tension, she should resign. He surprises her by agreeing. But then how would we see each other? she asks. He gently tells her that they won't be "seeing each other" - they've always turned to each other in times of need, but can't seem to make it work, or make each other happy. Brooke begins a desperate explanation of her return to Nick, and says she was just confused. Ridge says, no, you love him, and he's not available, so you want me. That's a dream, he tells her, and I want something real. A real life of happiness, and I have to keep trying for that - without you...Brooke sobs as Ridge kisses her cheek and leaves...