Thorne and Felicia are all decked out in red, white and blue by the pool at Eric's house. R.J. and Allie are excited to hear that Ashley's little girl Abby will arrive shortly. Thorne is surprised, too, and Felicia explains that Ashley and Ridge are starting to date. He smiles and tells Felicia that is interesting. Felicia tells Thorne that he looks happy and he tells her that finally, he is.

Eric and Stephanie are manning the grill. Stephanie tells Eric that Ridge had a date with Ashley last night and she is coming to the party, in fact. Eric jovially says "The more the merrier!" and Ridge joins them with a pitcher of margaritas.

Upstairs, Ashley and Abby arrive at the house, but no one is there. Ashley's cell phone rings and she lets Abby run on down to the pool while she answers it. She answers by saying, "Happy 4th of July" and on the other end of the phone Rick pouts, "Is it? After you hung up on me last night?" Ashley tells him that she didn't tell about them Ridge after all, but she still thinks that she should before it comes out.

Rick is talking to Ashley on the phone from the beach house, and Phoebe comes inside. He quickly acts like he's on a business call and then hangs up. When she starts to ask questions, he kisses her. Then, she leaves a message for Taylor, who is out on the boat with Nick and Hope for the day. Rick tells her that he's sorry that she's missing the Forrester party, and she says that she'd rather enjoy their own private day together. Rick has brought some "work" and just as Phoebe starts to object, he tells her that it's their song to perform at Insomnia tomorrow. He tells her that her style should be elegant and classy, just as it is at Forrester Originals. She is flattered that he sees her that way and they get busy choosing their song. Soon, they are interrupted by a call from Constantine. He tells Phoebe that he's in the studio and their song is starting to sound really good. Rick grabs the phone and tells him to enjoy it while he can because it ends tomorrow. After Rick hangs up, Phoebe tells him that wasn't nice. Rick says that he's sick of Constantine hanging "the other woman" over his head. She says that she's sick of that too. She tells Rick that she told him to get rid of the tape of her voice and Rick goes nuts when he learns that it was Constantine who told Phoebe about it in the first place. "Can you see that Constantine is poison?" Rick pleads. He tells her that he loves her with all of his heart and Constantine is going to try to convince her otherwise.

Ashley arrives down by the pool and gets a warm welcome from everyone. When given a list of cocktails that are available, she picks Gin and Tonic, but Ridge needs to go up to the house for the tonic. Ashley tells him not to go to the trouble, but Stephanie says that he's supposed to spoil her.

While Ridge is up at the house, Brooke arrives with the annual 4th of July blanket and is all excited for the party. Ridge asks if she got his email, but she says that she didn't have time to check. He tells her that he thought she might want to pass this year, since he has invited Ashley. Brooke says that they are still a family and they always spend 4th of July together. "When we were together," Ridge corrects her. He concedes that broken families do find ways to make holidays work and maybe it's time to do the same.

Poolside, Stephanie wonders what could be taking Ridge so long to get a bottle of tonic. They look up at the house and see Brooke standing out on the terrace watching them. Ashley walks off and Felicia follows her. She says that Brooke will get the hint eventually and that whatever Ashley had with Rick, Ridge is a better match for her. Ashley says that she needs to tell Ridge about it and Felicia tells her to "keep it in the vault!" She tells Ashley that the Forrester family motto seems to be "When in doubt, blow whatever it is out of proportion."

Upstairs, Brooke is telling Ridge that she should be a part of this day - but now there's another woman playing with her son! As she grabs her bag to leave, Ridge says that he doesn't want her driving so upset. "What do you care?" Brooke asks. Ridge says that he will always care, but they both know that if Nick were available, she'd be with him. Brooke asks him what he wants and Ridge says that they both needs some time and space. He says that he hasn't thought too far down the road, but if she has feelings for Nick there is no room for them to have a future. He tells her to drive safely and then makes his way back down to the party.

The fireworks are getting underway and Ashley asks Stephanie to calm down. She says that she and Brooke had a conversation last night and now Brooke just needs a little time to get her head on straight. But when it takes Ridge so long to come back, she tells Felicia that she should just leave. Just as she finishes saying that, Ridge arrives and sits down by Ashley in time for the grand finale. He kisses her and Brooke's tears roll down her cheeks as she watches from the terrace.