Ridge comes home from his date with Ashley to find Phoebe by the pool waiting for Rick. When Phoebe hears that he had a date with Ashley, she says that he deserves someone honest like her. He takes the opportunity to tell his daughter that she deserves someone honest, too. Phoebe is annoyed and tells him that she and Rick are back on track. Ridge says that if Phoebe respects a woman like Ashley, maybe she should follow her lead. "What do you think Ashley Abbott was doing when she was your age?" Phoebe says that she'd like to talk about something else - like the music competition that Rick and Constantine have set up. She explains the scenario and Ridge tells her that the fashion business will always be here for her - she shouldn't let anyone- like Rick! - stand in the way of her exploring her music.

Ridge comes home from his date with Ashley to Rick stops by Constantine's studio on his way to meet Phoebe. He tells Constantine that he'd like to lay down some tracks and check on the musicians that Constantine hired for the singing contest at Insomnia. Constantine tells Rick when it's all over, he can go back his "little chickie" on the side.

Ashley has yet another visitor before calling it a night - this time it's Brooke. Brooke wants to come to an understanding with her. She reminds Ashley that she and Ridge share a child together and nothing will come between their commitment to R.J. Ashley couldn't agree more. Brooke says that she trusts that Ashley will do what's best for everyone and Ashley agrees. Ashley says that Ridge has made it clear that he wants her in his life and she is going to see where it takes them. She wishes Brooke the best and on her way out, Brooke says, "As long as the best doesn't come between you and Ridge, right?"

Rick arrives at the pool and takes in how gorgeous Phoebe looks in her red bikini. It turns out that he FORGOT his bathing suit so he suggests that they skinny dip. She tells him that there's an extra one in the pool house and he says that he FORGOT how to put on one. They laugh and lie down on a chaise lounge together. After a while, they swim and then bundle up in towels. He hugs her and says that she is his little mermaid. Then he tells her that he stopped by Constantine's on the way over. He says that he intends on finding the perfect song for them to sing. Phoebe says that she's glad they'll be singing together -- for one thing it'll give her dad something to think about besides….the other woman. Rick tells her that he plans on pouring his heart and soul into their song so that she can know just how much he loves her -- and only her. They snuggle up on the chaise again, and Phoebe pulls away because she can't stop thinking about him and the other woman. "Promise me that she's gone," Phoebe says because she can't get the image of them together out of her head.

Ridge decides to go over to Constantine's studio for a little visit. Constantine is surprised to see him and gladly invites him in. Ridge says that he heard about their little singing contest and that hopefully it'll get Phoebe away from Rick once and for all. Constantine mentions the voice message of the other woman that he taped and played for Phoebe. Ridge asks if he can listen to it in case he can recognize the voice. Constantine says that Phoebe asked him to do away with it, so he did.

When Phoebe goes to the pool house to change, Rick checks his cell phone. He sees a message from Ashley, so he calls to check and see what she wants. She tells him that she thinks they should be above board about the connection that they have shared. Rick tells her that there's no way that would be good and she says that she's dating Ridge now and it would be better if it came out now rather than later. Rick can't believe that she would date Ridge! Just then, there's a knock at Ashley's door and she can see that it's Ridge. As she's hanging up, Rick begs her not to say anything.

When Ashley opens the door, Ridge invites her to bring Abby to the Forrester pool party tomorrow. He grumbles that Rick will probably be there and Ashley asks why that's a problem. Ridge says that apparently there's another woman and he is determined to find out who it is!