Brooke is standing before Ridge (and her bed!) wearing her red negligee. She is telling him that the little boy down the hall deserves both of his parents. "Wouldn't it be wonderful if we could have things the way they used to be?" Ridge doesn't disagree, but he wonders where the concern for R.J. was when she left him in Australia. Brooke says that she was thinking about her other son. Ridge says that he just can't get past the fact that she went running back to Nick as soon as her planed landed. Then he turns and walks out the door.

Phoebe is in the studio defending Rick to Constantine. She tells him that they are back together and she's forgiven him for being with someone else while they were broken up. Constantine continues to make comments that are intended to make her doubt Rick, but she stands her ground. She asks him to destroy the tape of the other woman because she doesn't want it lying around. Constantine reluctantly agrees.

Ashley is annoyed with the situation she finds herself in. She tells Stephanie that she won't interfere with Brooke and Ridge if they reconcile because of their little boy. Ashley says that she and Abby will just go back to Genoa City. She says that she would've stayed if things had worked out with Ridge but, they didn't. There's a knock at the door and Ashley is surprised to see Ridge standing there. She asks why he isn't spending time with his son and he says that he was going to see R.J. but Brooke had other things in mind. Ashley lets him in and he is surprised to see Stephanie there. She compliments her son on his taste in women and then hastily leaves.

Constantine and Phoebe have moved into the recording booth and are laying down tracks together. When the song ends, the engineer says that it sounded great. Constantine tells Phoebe that they just recorded their first hit together. Phoebe notices that Rick has arrived and goes running into his arms. When asked, he says that the song sounded "good" and Constantine tells him to try to sound a little more enthusiastic. Rick says that the act that Constantine has in mind for Phoebe has disaster written all over it. He says that even though he's not in the music business, he is a marketing expert and Phoebe's built-in audience expects to see her in the way they are used to seeing her - not all "Goth". Constantine begs to differ, so Rick makes a suggestion. He says that he and Phoebe will sing a duet at Insomnia, and then Constantine and Phoebe can sing and they will test the audience response. Rick says that if the audience prefers Phoebe's new image, then he'll back off and let Constantine continue to work with Phoebe. But if he's right and the crowd likes Phoebe just the way she is, "this dynamic duo will end." At first, Phoebe doesn't like the idea, but when Constantine says that he'll accept the challenge, she agrees. Rick extends his hand and says "Let the best man win."

Brooke is sadly looking at a photo or Ridge when she hears that someone has come into the house. She calls out to Ridge, but it's Stephanie who walks into her bedroom. Brooke tells her to get out, but Stephanie can't wait to tell her that Ridge went straight to Ashley's. Brooke says that he simply needs to figure out what he wants. Stephanie says that Ridge has chosen and she should handle herself with dignity and not show up for work tomorrow. Brooke says that she and Ridge share a child together and he can't just walk away. Stephanie suggests that Brooke should just concentrate on her 4 children for a change because she is definitely going to end up without a man.

Ridge has brought a container of rum raisin ice cream and two spoons. As he and Ashley sit down to enjoy it together. She asks what happened with Brooke and Ridge says, "I knew if I spent the night with Brooke I would have lost you. And I don't even have you yet." Ashley looks pleased as she eats her ice cream and listens. When one of the plastic spoons breaks, Ridge suggests that they share. As Ashley feeds herself a bite, and then him, they discuss what LA has for her that Genoa City doesn’t. She says that her daughter needs more time with her father. Ridge says that if she moves back to Wisconsin, he might chase her. He asks if he would have to wear a cheese hat and Ashley giggles that you have to live there a year before you have to put on a cheese hat. Ridge says that if he were to run into Brad Carlton and Victor Newman he would show them how to really appreciate a woman like her. After a while they lose interest in their ice cream and start kissing.

Brooke is finally alone in her bedroom as she turns out the light and curls up with her photo of Ridge.