At the studio apartment, Brooke asks Ridge if Caroline was devastated. He snaps. “What do you think?” He tells her that he and Caroline will figure it out. Ridge gets a message from Pam, who needs him to trace a missing intern’s phone. Brooke offers to stay there for Caroline. Ridge says she’ll come home to him and no one else.

At the Forrester mansion by Thomas’ bedroom door, he tells Caroline, “I’m not alone. Whatever you have to say, just tell me.” She grimaces and he asks if she’s okay; she needs to take care of herself since she and his father are trying to have a kid. Caroline decides to leave and tells Charlotte they’ll pretend they never saw each other. She thanks Thomas for bringing her to her senses and goes. At the bottom of the stairs she holds her abdomen. Later, Thomas is kissing Charlotte goodbye when Ridge enters the house. Charlotte exits. Ridge grills Thomas about how far things went with the young intern. They argue heatedly about sex scandals. Thomas mocks Ridge pretending to be a family man – he thinks Caroline will end up a single mom. He rants about the promises Ridge broke. Ridge reminds him who looked after him his whole life – he’s spoiled and takes whatever he wants from his father. Thomas punches him.

At Forrester Creations, Quinn bickers with Liam, who insists he’s supported Wyatt. Liam assumes she had a blowout with Bill. She says he told her Wyatt would always come second because she’s his mother. She rants on about Liam being given everything, and being a man who can’t say no – especially to someone who needs rescuing – unless it’s his brother. Quinn says Wyatt isn’t running a company because no one wants her around. She wonders if he’s ever talked to Bill on Wyatt’s behalf. Liam says he’ll never have a close relationship with his brother because of her. Quinn argues that’s not because of her; it’s because of Bill. She snipes that Liam likes to see himself as a hero, but she may be the only person who sees right through him. Later, Deacon arrives and Quinn complains about Liam, and Wyatt being passed over by Bill. She won’t allow Wyatt to continue to be overlooked. Deacon is outraged at Bill’s treatment of Wyatt. Quinn says they would have done fine without him. Deacon is glad she’s talking this out.

At the beach house, Wyatt suggests Ivy appeal to Liam. She isn’t keen to do that. Wyatt tells her she’s a star. Liam arrives. He’s there about Quinn. “She’s stirring, Wyatt, and as her designated favorite target, I don’t like it.” Ivy laughs at the idea she’d trust the woman who threw her off a bridge more than the ex-boyfriend her threw her under the bus. Liam warns Wyatt to watch his mother.

In Malibu, Caroline walks where she and Ridge were married. She flashes from her wedding, to learning she was pregnant, to being with Thomas, and finally to Ridge’s bad news.

Spoilers for next week on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Relations between Thomas and Ridge become strained.

Deacon cautions Quinn about her approach with Bill, Liam and Wyatt.

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– Candace Young