At Forrester Creations, Thomas gets a text and smiles. Othello joins him and they work on a soundtrack for California Freedom’s next show. Brooke joins them and asks about Ridge and Caroline. Thomas thinks they’re gone for the day. In another office, Liam tells Steffy they have to deal with Quinn directly now that Ivy’s not there as a buffer – he’s not happy about that. He’s concerned she is dangerous and talks about how out of control she got in the past. “When it comes to Quinn you have to keep your guard up.” They discuss Caroline and Ridge. Steffy approves – Caroline makes her father happy.

At the beach house, Quinn tells Bill he always treats Liam better than Wyatt – if he came to him with the idea for a fashion house he’d be moving the seamstresses in. She wonders why Bill couldn’t have made Wyatt VP of Forrester and asks if he hates Wyatt because she’s his mother. Quinn asks him to love the part of himself that lives in Wyatt. Bill says he does love Wyatt. He explains that running a business requires a steady hand – Liam has it, but Wyatt doesn’t. He never will have because Quinn is all up in his DNA. He adds that Liam is his successor and the executor of his estate.

Quinn arrives at Forrester and complains to Liam about Bill’s treatment of Wyatt. He advises her not to micro-manage her son’s life, but Quinn counters that he should be a supportive brother and look out for Wyatt – Bill certainly won’t!

At home, Ridge apologizes to Caroline – he really wanted a family with her. They embrace. Ridge wants to take her pain away. He didn’t want her to sacrifice her dreams for him. Caroline says he lost something too. She picks up her purse and exits. Outside the door, she calls Thomas, who is at home. She says she’s coming over. He tells her it’s not a good time and hangs up. Later, Brooke shows up and can tell by Ridge’s expression that he told Caroline the truth. He assures her that nothing will come between him and Caroline.

Caroline arrives at Thomas’ door. He’s shirtless and doesn’t let her in. He closes the door but she knocks again. He opens the door. She says this can’t wait. A girl calls out to Thomas – it’s Charlotte from work. Caroline has something to tell Thomas and won’t leave until she does.

At home, Bill complains to Katie about his run-in with Quinn. He admits he said things he didn’t mean to get under her skin. Katie can see Quinn’s point of view where Wyatt and Liam are concerned. Bill scoffs that Wyatt’s life would be perfect if Liam didn’t exist. They debate. Bill won’t pit his sons against each other.

Spoilers for the next Bold and the Beautiful:

Thomas gets caught in a compromising position.

Caroline relives a poignant moment from her past.

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– Candace Young