At home, Ridge confirms to Caroline that it’s impossible for him to get her pregnant. Caroline flashes to her OB/GYN appointment and looks panicky. As Ridge goes on about being sorry, Caroline paces, gulps, and takes deep breaths. Ridge knows he betrayed her. Caroline flashes to waking up next to Thomas. Ridge wanted to give her a baby. “But I can’t. It wasn’t meant to be.” Caroline sits and cries while Ridge talks on. With tears in his eyes he offers to release her; pretend their marriage never happened. Caroline cries that she loves him. Ridge doesn’t want her to hate him down the road. He can’t imagine what she’s feeling, but is there for her. He embraces her.

At Forrester Creations, Thomas thinks about kissing Caroline at the hotel. In Steffy’s office, Ivy makes an appeal to get her job back. She will earn her trust back and just wants one more chance. Steffy says no. As they bicker, Liam enters. He’s sure Ivy will find another job. Steffy offers to write her a letter of recommendation – she just doesn’t want her working there. After, Liam muses about Ivy wanting another chance. Steffy silences him with a kiss. Thomas appears. They joke. Steffy comments on the newlyweds being at home. Back in his office, Thomas thinks about Caroline.

At home, Katie and Bill kiss on the bed in their underwear. Katie offers him a smoothie and they discuss Wyatt needing a peace offering. Katie is still in favor of Wyatt’s fashion house idea, but Bill doesn’t want a rivalry between him and Liam…he wants his sons to start acting like brothers. He thinks Wyatt will understand one day. Katie tells Bill that Wyatt always feels he puts Liam first. Bill explains he had more to make up for with Liam.

At the beach house, Quinn is excited about Wyatt’s new fashion house, but he cuts her off. He says Bill shot the idea down. Ivy arrives and they all trash Liam and Steffy. Wyatt says Steffy will need a new purse to carry him around in. Quinn talks about Wyatt’s happiness – when it comes to that there’s no end to what she will do. Wyatt tries to reassure her, but she’s not buying it; Bill doesn’t support him and he answers to Liam at work. Wyatt is just upset that Liam didn’t support Ivy. Ivy and Wyatt go to the beach. Quinn takes a call from Deacon and complains about Bill and Liam. Bill arrives. Quinn confronts Bill about not giving Wyatt a shot with the fashion house. She tells him she’s sick of his preferential treatment toward Liam.

Spoilers for next week on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Liam realizes he’s on Quinn’s bad side once again.

Brooke misconstrues something she heard about Ridge and Caroline.

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