At her doctor’s office, Caroline panics. She can’t leave there without knowing who the father is. The OB/GYN says it’s too soon for a paternity test, and questions her about her light period after she slept with Thomas. She feels there is no reason to think it’s not her husband’s child and tells Caroline to stay positive. Caroline can’t wait to tell Ridge.

At Forrester Creations, Brooke urges Ridge not to hold anything back from Caroline. “You have to tell her.” Brooke says the longer he keeps it from Caroline the worse it will be. “You know I’m right.” Elsewhere, Steffy complains to Thomas that Quinn’s designs are all wrong. Thomas wonders if she’s having second thoughts about letting Ivy go. Steffy reminds him he can’t trust her. Talk turns to Thomas designing. Steffy wonders how it is for him working with Ridge and Caroline. Thomas insists it’s fine and he’s happy for them now that Ridge stepped up to give Caroline a child.

At the beach house, Wyatt is working from home to avoid Liam. He complains about Bill shooting down his idea of a fashion house. Ivy is frustrated with Steffy’s decision to fire her. “She can’t get away with this.” Quinn enters and asks what’s going on. Ivy says she’s going to Forrester and try to get her job back. Quinn is doubtful about her chances. She tells Ivy that Wyatt will be there for her in ways Liam never would have. Ivy says he’s proven that. Later, Wyatt complains to Quinn about Liam not standing up for Ivy at Forrester. Wyatt mentions Bill, and Quinn wonders what he has to do with it. Wyatt changes the subject to Quinn suddenly being supportive of Ivy. Quinn says she sees how much Ivy means to Wyatt. Quinn questions Wyatt not fighting back against Liam and Steffy and thinks he should be running Forrester and/or Spencer. Wyatt mutters that he tried.

At Forrester, Ivy approaches Steffy and says she thinks it’s time for her to get back to work. “Don’t you?” Ivy makes a speech about how she wasn’t dealing well with Aly’s death and how family should be able to put things behind them and work together. She asks Steffy to let her come back. In another office, Brooke gushes over Thomas’ design. She tells him Ridge went home to be with Caroline – they needed to talk in private. Thomas figures it will be a romantic night that will lead to a baby Forrester.

At home, Ridge drinks a scotch. Caroline enters and says she has amazing news. Ridge has to tell her something first. He explains to a stunned Caroline that he had a vasectomy in Paris. Caroline flushes as Ridge keeps talking and tells her he’s now learned that his sperm isn’t viable. “I can’t be the father to your kid.” Caroline looks panicked as realization sets in.

Spoilers for next week on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Quinn lashes out at Bill for playing favorites between Liam and Wyatt.

Liam realizes that he’s back on Quinn’s bad side.

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