At Forrester Creations, Caroline tells Ridge that pregnancy will happen when it happens. Ridge says if he could make it happen right now he would. As they embrace, Brooke’s warning to tell Caroline the truth rings in Ridge’s head. Caroline has to leave for an OB/GYN appointment she booked in anticipation of getting pregnant. In another office, Brooke tells Thomas to wait before taking his design to Ridge – she thinks he and Caroline need some privacy. Thomas says Caroline is really excited about their future – he’s glad he was wrong about his father. “Dad’s really following through.” Ridge enters and acts impatient and agitated. Brooke enquires about Caroline. Ridge says she’s gone to her doctor – nothing for Brooke to worry about. Ridge suggests some changes to Thomas’ design and sends him on his way. Brooke grills Ridge, who says Caroline went to an OB/GYN. Brooke asks if she understands she can’t have his baby. Ridge admits he didn’t have a chance to tell her. Brooke tells him he has to face this. “You have to face this together.” Outside, Nicole and Zende banter after their kiss and then kiss again. Rick appears and wants to know what’s going on. He realizes they’re finally a couple and offers congratulations. “The Avant women are worth waiting for.” Rick invites Zende to watch football and it turns out Nicole likes the game too. She’s a catch. Rick is glad he and Maya will get the chance to be there for Nicole as she’s been there for them. After, Zende and Nicole spend more time together. She promises more surprises.

At the OB/GYN appointment, Caroline asks about vitamins and supplements while trying to conceive. The doctor says they’ll do a blood test and go from there. She puts a rush on the test results and Caroline chats about her life with Ridge. The doctor exits, and returns with the lab results. There was a surprise in her blood work. “You’re pregnant.” Caroline gets excited and then sobers as she flashes to the night with Thomas. “Oh no.” She shakily says she needs to know how far along she is. The doctor asks why. Caroline tells her what happened when she and Ridge split up. “It was a huge mistake.” She got her period the next day, although it was light. Caroline wonders who is the father of the baby.

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Quinn questions Wyatt about his sudden change-of-heart.

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