At Forrester Creations, Ridge tells Brooke he didn’t tell Caroline last night – she was so happy and he was still trying to get his head around it. Brooke is sorry; she knows who much he wanted to father a child with Caroline. Ridge is sad. “I can’t make Caroline a mother.” Brooke says there are other ways. Ridge says Caroline wants a child with her husband. “What do I do now?” Brooke sighs. “Just talk to her.” Ridge resists, but Brooke insists he has to be honest and talk to his wife. In another office, Caroline compliments Thomas’ design. He loves to see her so happy. He tells her he kissed Nicole. She thought Nicole was into Zende. Thomas says she is, but she was getting really curious about the two of them. Thomas assures Caroline that Nicole doesn’t know anything – she thought he was distracted because of Caroline, however, so he changed the subject by kissing her. Thomas assures Caroline he won’t let anything get in the way of her and Ridge starting their family. They agree again to keep their secret. Outside, Zende is still harping on Thomas kissing Nicole. He says he can’t blame him. Nicole says Thomas isn’t the Forrester she’s into. Zende jokes, “Do you have a thing for my grandfather?” Nicole tells him just because someone else kissed her, that doesn’t mean he never can. There is no other guy on her radar. She about to shout it from the rooftop when she knocks over his file and sees the concert tickets. She asks if the tickets are for them. He tries to pretend otherwise, but she’s not buying it. In at Pam’s desk, Charlie and Pam talk about Zende planning to surprise Nicole with the concert tickets. “Nicole’s found herself a real keeper.” The head up to the roof and ask Zende if he gave Nicole the tickets yet. Nicole beams. “I just saw them.” Pam and Charlie let it slip that Zende’s plan has been in the works for weeks. Once alone, Zende admits to Nicole that he’s wanted to ask her out for a while. They kiss. They agree it was good and do it again. In Ridge’s office, Brooke continues to press him to talk to Caroline right away. Frustrated, he tells her to lay off him. Caroline enters and notes the tension. Brooke alludes to a disagreement and leaves. Caroline shows Ridge a design but he doesn’t even look. She says, “Whatever’s going on you can tell me.” Ridge tells her he visited a doctor and begins to explain, but Caroline cuts him off and tells him how much she can’t wait to start a family with him. They embrace. Elsewhere, Brooke joins Thomas, who brings up Ridge and Caroline having a baby. Brooke says they shouldn’t assume there’s a baby in their future. “Life is full of surprises.”

Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Caroline and Ridge talk about having a family.

Zende and Nicole make plans for a real date.

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– Candace Young