Outside at Forrester Creation, Charlie compliments Pam’s cake – it’s light and fluffy like her. Quinn chimes in that it’s good. Nicole, Zende and Carter are also there sampling cake. They dish on Caroline marrying Ridge. Pam wonders how Brooke feels about it. Quinn thinks once Brooke marks a man, she believes he’s hers for life. Pam muses that she’s getting a vibe, but it’s not necessarily territorial. Inside, Eric, Brooke, and Steffy discuss the elopement. Steffy mentions them wanting to start a family. Brooke makes a face. Steffy assumes she doesn’t approve. Brooke says she wishes them her best, but has her reservations about Ridge’s sudden urge to have a child. Steffy gets that, but she’s never seen her father this happy. She’s got his back. In Ridge’s office, he and Caroline chat with Thomas about designing. Ridge tells Caroline he has to go lock in their future. Once alone, Caroline gushes to Thomas about her happiness; she just wants to savor this time. Thomas says she deserves it. Nicole enters. Caroline leaves. Nicole tells Thomas she can see that Caroline marrying his dad isn’t going down easy. Outside, Quinn theorizes to Zende and Carter that Brooke may be worried that Ridge won’t have time for RJ anymore. She would feel the same way. Elsewhere, Caroline is in an office with Brooke, who warns her that having a family is never a given. “You don’t always get what you want, when you want it.” Caroline is confused about what she’s implying – she has no doubt they’ll have a baby soon. In the hallway, Pam and Charlie discuss Caroline, not Brooke, ending up married to Ridge. Charlie tells Pam she’s the grand slam of his life and they kiss. Zende appears and clears his throat. Pam gives him some tickets that are hard to come by. Excited, he says Nicole will flip. Pam says she’s in the office with Thomas. Zende hears Nicole refer to Thomas kissing her through the door.

At a medical facility, Ridge tells a doctor he wants to reverse his vasectomy. He explains his new circumstances and wants to have it done as soon as possible. The doctor tells him the success rate with reversals is high. They will do a fertility test first – there’s no point proceeding until they know he can get the results he wants. The doctor mentions the fall he had in the Persian Gulf being a concern. Ridge takes a call from Caroline and tells her she loves her. Ridge then tells the doctor he’s ready.

Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Zende confronts Thomas about kissing Nicole.

Brooke returns to her role as Ridge’s confidant.

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