At the beach house, Bill tells Katie he would need someone to help Wyatt run the new fashion house. She will do it. Bill warns Wyatt he’s asking a lot. Wyatt insists he’s going to make them all scads of money. Bill tries out a few possible names for the company, but still won’t commit. He has no interest in being in the fashion business. Katie and Wyatt argue in favor of the idea. Bill also won’t start a war between his sons. Wyatt accuses him of choosing Liam. Later, Wyatt complains to Ivy, who is just glad she got to see him fight for her. He may not have gotten the company, but he definitely got the girl. They discuss Liam. Ivy says Wyatt takes action, that’s why he’s different. Wyatt feels he failed. Ivy says he certainly didn’t fail her.

At the Malibu house, Steffy and Liam have a beer and discuss Bill and Katie’s visit. Liam isn’t so sure they believe in him. Steffy reassures him – Bill trusts him with his shares. Liam says Bill doesn’t have the whole story – he wouldn’t let an employee stay around if they blackmailed him. Steffy agrees; firing Ivy was her only option. Liam admits he kind of thinks firing Ivy was a bad idea because she’s talented, but he understands why Steffy can’t trust her. Steffy and Liam support each other. They kiss.

At Forrester Creations, Thomas and Brooke discuss Ridge and Caroline’s elopement. Brooke laughs that her wedding to Ridge at City Hall was one of her favorites. She admires Thomas’ design and offers to drop it over to Ridge’s place.

At home, Caroline flashes to her romantic wedding and Ridge kisses her neck. Caroline leaves to run over to Forrester. Brooke arrives with a wedding gift. Ridge tells her he’s happy. Brooke starts in about the vasectomy reversal. Ridge realizes he needs to make that appointment. Brooke wonders what Caroline will think if Ridge is sitting around with ice on that area. Ridge doesn’t think it will be a big deal. Brooke clucks, “Tell her.” Ridge gets on the phone and makes an appointment for tomorrow. He then asks Brooke if she’d like to come so he can tell them why it won’t work. Brooke says Caroline should go with him. She warns if it doesn’t work, Caroline will discover she was lied to – and they know how that will turn out.

At Forrester, Thomas is surprised to see Caroline. She says her wedding was a dream come true. He looks at her ring. “You’re really married.” Thomas mentions Brooke was going to see Ridge. Caroline isn’t surprised, but she doesn’t have a problem with it. “We’re all just one big happy family.” She looks forward to having a baby. Caroline admires his designs and he congratulates her again. They shake hands, but then Caroline hugs him. She says, “About that night…” He assures her he wouldn’t jeopardize her happiness. Caroline says his father can never know.

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