At the beach house, Wyatt tells Ivy that it won’t kill Bill to invest in his idea; in him. Ivy says he makes her feel so cared for. Wyatt says his father lives for risk – this idea is just what he needs. Ivy notes that Bill has shares in Forrester. Wyatt shrugs that they would love to buy him out.

At Forrester Creations, Liam and Steffy try to write a press release about Ivy’s exit. Bill and Katie arrive. Bill chuckles at Liam admonishing him for not calling ahead. Bill reminds him he’s there to represent the interests of Spencer. Liam realizes Wyatt lodged a compliment. Steffy says she fired Ivy – Liam had nothing to do with it. Bill wants to talk to Ridge, but realizes he doesn’t know about Ivy’s firing. Bill and Katie snipe about Ivy. Steffy informs them this is a private matter, and Liam tells Bill not to micro-manage him. Katie wonders when Liam became Steffy’s ‘yes-man’. Bill backs Katie up and they leave. Liam wonders why Wyatt went running to Bill, who doesn’t even like Ivy! Liam thinks Wyatt is so resentful of him. Steffy assures him he did nothing wrong. Liam doesn’t think he’s too bad if she loves him. In another office, Maya and Rick discuss Steffy firing Ivy. Maya remarks that she’s as brutal as he was. They talk to Quinn, who is worried Wyatt will think she got his girlfriend fired. Later, Rick has to change his shirt after a couple of juveniles threw beer and food at them outside. Maya is upset he wouldn’t let her call the police. Rick didn’t want the incident in the press. Maya is still outraged at people mistreating Rick for marrying her. Rick reminds her he had his freak-out over what people might think of him, courtesy of Bill, and he won’t let it happen again. He reflects on what Julius might have gone through. Maya muses that’s what he blames her for; she should be more forgiving. Elsewhere, Quinn calls Wyatt about Ivy’s firing. She tells him it feels like opportunity could be knocking for them. Wyatt muses that maybe it walks right in.

At the beach house, Ivy wonders if Wyatt will involve Quinn. He is concerned about the idea and pictures Deacon chasing around after the female employees at Spencer Designs. Katie arrives and says Bill refuses to come in from the car. She tells them they checked out the situation at Forrester. Bill appears – he has a headache. “What do you want from me?” Wyatt wants to make him a fortune in a company bearing his name. “What’s not to like?” They talk start-up costs. Bill doesn’t believe Ivy can design and doesn’t like the insinuation that he owes Wyatt something. Wyatt insists he’s more of a Spencer than Liam is, and he’ll be happy to prove it. “Do we have a deal?”

Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Brooke urges Ridge to share his secret with Caroline.

Steffy tries to make sure Liam is still loyal to her.

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