At Forrester Creations, Carter confirms that Ivy’s contract can be terminated at any time. Steffy tells him to do it. Quinn enters. Steffy tells her the jewelry line is all hers – Ivy’s been fired. Pam appears. She says Ivy is in the building. Steffy will deal with it. Meanwhile, Carter and Quinn grill Liam about Ivy’s firing. Liam says Ivy did something to make Steffy feel she can’t trust her. They press for more details. Liam says he hates this for Ivy, but he understands why Steffy had to let her go. Downstairs, Steffy instructs Charlie to get Ivy’s belongings. “Ivy stays with me.” They rehash the blackmail situation. Steffy says she showed her true colors with the video. She says Ivy used the same tactics on her that she complained about in Rick. Ivy says it’s not who she is, but Steffy points out her actions say different. She says Ivy’s days in L.A. fashion are over. Charlie returns with Ivy’s belongings. Steffy tells Ivy she didn’t want it to come to this; they’re family, but she’s no longer welcome there. Upstairs, Pam tells Charlie she feels bad for Ivy – there must be more to this than they know. In the office, Steffy tells Liam that Ivy won’t be a problem anymore. Steffy gets upset remembering what Ivy put her through. Liam hugs her. Liam is concerned about Wyatt’s warning. Steffy says the best thing Wyatt could do is get far away from Ivy.

At the beach house, Bill digests the news that Wyatt wants to start a fashion house. “We don’t make clothes.” Wyatt says if they do this, and do it right, they can beat Forrester at their own game. Bill thinks Wyatt just wants to one-up his brother, and expects him to provide a company. Wyatt insists it’s a great investment. Katie muses they’d have to be careful about taking on Forrester – they are king of the hill. Wyatt feels that’s all about to change. Katie and Wyatt strategize. Wyatt decides he and Katie can run the company and Bill can sit back and rake in the cash. Bill says they need a designer and a name. Wyatt grins. “What about Forrester? I hear Ivy’s out of a job now.” Bill sneers that Wyatt wants to do this for his girlfriend. Wyatt complains he can’t move up the ranks at Forrester and wants to start his own team. Bill says, “You want to be the boss.” Wyatt wants to prove himself. Ivy arrives and complains about the events at Forrester. Katie tells her about Wyatt’s idea. Wyatt suggests Ivy could lead the design team. She isn’t confident. Bill rolls his eyes. Wyatt insists they can blow him away. Bill will consider it. Later, Wyatt gets Ivy on board with his idea. He talks about being a Spencer not a Forrester and believing in them and what they can accomplish together. Ivy does too. Wyatt can’t wait to stick it to Steffy and Liam.

Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Rick and Maya realize they still have obstacles to face.

Bill and Katie pay Steffy and Liam a visit.

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